Answer like a pro - Why do you want to leave your current job?

If you are preparing for an upcoming job interview, here is a nice professional way to explain why you want to leave your current job.

Why do HRs ask this question?

One question that often pops up in job interviews for experienced candidates is why does the person want to quit his present job. Let’s understand why HRs ask this question: 

  • To understand your motivation behind applying for the new position
  • To know what you are seeking in a new job 
  • To know whether you are serious about your job search
  • To know if it's your decision to quit or if your organization doesn’t require your services anymore

How should you answer?

There is no fixed answer to this question since there can be various reasons behind leaving a job. However, there is a smart way of framing the answer that will sound convincing and position you as a reliable candidate to your prospective employer. Here we have listed down a variety of reasons that can act as a cue if you are asked this question by HR. 

1. To learn more  

Continuous learning is necessary for career advancement. Therefore, if you don’t find enough learning opportunities in your current job, it is a good enough reason to leave it and explore new opportunities.

2. To relocate or get work closer to your home 

If you are tired of commuting a long distance to the office or want a workplace closer to home, then feel free to put it up as your issue. 

3. To take up more responsibilities and challenges

If you think you have more potential than what you are actually doing in your current job, then state this ambition as a reason for leaving your current job.

4. To explore better growth opportunities

Often working in the same role for years may arrest your growth as a professional. So, when there is an opportunity to embrace new growth prospects, that chance cannot be neglected. If you have been in one job for more than 3 years at least, explain this idea to the interviewer who wishes to know why you are leaving your current role. 

5. To work in a more forward-thinking organization

If you find yourself entangled in archaic protocols and rules in your present organization, it can become a deterrent in your professional trajectory. To break free from such an organization is quite a robust reason to leave the job and look for a more new-age company to work for. 

Additionally, you can mention any of the below-mentioned reasons based on your circumstances and the company you are interviewing for: 

  1. To have a better work-life balance
  2. To work for a bigger/global company
  3. Looking for a better working environment
  4. Other reasons (personal) 

Let's look at a few examples

  • “I liked the company but I had to spend a large amount of my time daily commuting and consequently, this affected my family time and work-life balance. So I’m looking for a workspace closer to home.”
  • “I am happy with what I’m doing but I already gained perfection in my work that makes me look for more challenges to prove my potential and to have better career growth.” 
  • “There are always some unusual delays in the salary payment which affects the trustworthiness of the company. So I’m looking for a reliable and big company to work for.”

What should you avoid saying?

What should you avoid saying? blog

If you have your reason ready, you must also know what you should abstain from mentioning in your answer. Steer clear of any of these reasons below:

  • Office politics 
  • Troubles with the boss
  • Not being able to meet deadlines and targets
  • Too much work pressure and long working hours 
  • More salary and perks
  • Low score in appraisal

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