Are you a cricket fan? Career lessons to learn from the game

Life is like Cricket; Take Infinite Wickets and Face the Pace to Win the Race! Well, if you love cricket, here are some life lessons to learn from it...

From 8-year-old kids to 80-year-old elderly people, cricket in India has a crazy fan following! It is not just a game, it is an emotion, a religion of sorts that keeps fans glued to the screen during a cricket match. But it is interesting to note that while it is a hugely popular sport, there are several important life and career lessons hidden within the game of cricket. Let’s begin our innings with some of these winning thoughts.

Planning and Strategy 

The first and foremost aspect of the game is planning and devising a strong logical strategy. To win a game, you need to make the right plan according to past learnings, historical data, observation of the opponent’s game plan, analysis of the team’s weaknesses and strengths, areas of improvement, and so on. 

Similarly, planning is a crucial aspect of the game of career building. You should be very clear about your goals. Accordingly, you should decide your career path. Then follow the plan and change your strategies depending upon the changing situations. 


2. Teamwork  - blog

You can’t win the game without teamwork. There has to be a collaborative effort where each team member put his best foot forward with the support of each other. The team captain is responsible to foster a sense of team spirit - He has to be a hard taskmaster to ensure everyone on the team is giving their best. And he also should motivate the team with words and actions charged with positivity to keep the team spirit up and growing!

This is what you need in your professional environment as well - a spirit of teamwork to accomplish your own career goals along with the bigger organizational mission! Of course, there will be difficulties and challenges on the way, but finding the solution together and solving personal differences within the team is the key to success, whether in cricket or in your career.

3. Performing under pressure 

How many of you remember the 2011 Cricket World Cup? The humongous pressure on Team India in the final match against Sri Lanka; came from all corners. But the team did not break under pressure. It brought out its best powered by a robust will to win! India won the World Cup despite all the pressure!

The same is true for life - Yes there will be a lot of pressure from our peers, family, society, and work environment. If we buckle down under the pressure, the game is lost. But if we think things through, don’t give up, and face the challenge head-on, the Winning Trophy is sure to be ours. Focus during pressure and channel your energy to regroup your skill, thoughts, and experience, and deliver a great performance. That’s the secret to winning in life!

4. Dynamic and flexible

4. Dynamic nature - blog

In cricket, you can see a variety of game formats: test cricket, one-day cricket, T-20. Teams need to develop the skills and abilities to play across all formats. Different formats need different skill sets, stamina game plan. The ability to adapt according to the game format is the true mark of a champion. 

This aspect of cricket is highly relevant in today’s competitive and dynamic work culture where you have to continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of your career.

5. Learn from your mistakes

5. Learn from your mistakes- blog

Winning and losing are part of the game. But what differentiates a true champion from an accidental winner is how to learn from your mistakes and pave the way towards future success. 

No sportsperson, no matter how legendary, can claim to have never lost a match. But what makes a sportsperson legendary is his ability to dust himself up after every fall.

In the case of your career, this attitude to learn from past failures is what distinguishes a true professional from an ordinary employee. The former never gives up and keeps trying harder after a fall, while the latter simple feels dejected and feels burdened by his failures.

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