Are you a good team player at work? Answer these questions to find out!

To be a good team player, you need certain features. Answer these questions to identify whether you are a good team player or not.

Getting together for a social function or ganging up with a group of friends for an exciting road trip is a thrilling thought and most people enjoy such group activities. However, working as a formal group requires long-term efforts, cooperation and perseverance to achieve a common goal at a professional level. And this kind of group activity is very different from the examples mentioned at the beginning of this article. 

Teamwork in a professional set up can often get uncomfortable given the differences among the individuals who form the team. Without active cooperation and participation, collaborative efforts often fail, even with experts in the team. While talent can help you accomplish your short term goals at work, it takes a strong team to achieve great feats at an organizational level.

A good team player is the one who actively contributes to the group in order to achieve company goals and successfully manages daily tasks. 

Needless to say, team players are much coveted and are more likely to grow professionally than employees who keep to themselves and fail to see the bigger picture. 

Are you good at teamwork? The following questions will help you understand if you have what it takes to be a good team player.

1. Do you welcome collaboration? 

Remember the saying, “Two Heads are Better than One”?

Collaboration means coming together to find solutions. Ask yourself whether you welcome the idea of working with others for a task or do you like to work in isolation with your own pattern of working? 

2. Are you open-minded and flexible?    

To work in a team, you need to widen your scope of acceptance and become open-minded. This flexibility allows you to learn more and help the team. Think about how flexible you are to look beyond your set ideas and accommodate the thoughts and ideas suggested by others.

3. Do you commit to the team? 

3. Do you commit to the team? blog

When there is a problem in a collaborative project, do you immediately look for the person to blame it on? Or do you try to look for a solution without holding any one person responsible for the debacle? The intent to swim together even if it is against the current differentiates a committed team member from an ordinary employee. You should be fully loyal, engaged and dedicated to improving the team's performance as a whole. 

4. Do you focus on team goals? 

Your scope of work may be limited to say, for example, data entry and report submission. Now, if you come across an error, do you just report it or share a way to avoid this error in the future with your team? 

While you may have your own goals and priorities, think about the team goals. Are you willing to contribute to the bigger team goal by making use of your inherent skills, qualifications and experience? The answer to this question will differentiate you from a true team member from an average professional at work.

5. Do you appreciate others for their accomplishments and good work?

6. Do you appreciate others’ work style and appreciate their success? blog

Think about this famous saying by Voltaire, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

Someone with a true sense of team spirit is generous and honest about appreciating fellow teammates. Motivating others with positive words can work wonders in team bonding. If you don’t let your ego restrict you from applauding the success and good work of your colleagues, you are definitely a team player!

If you get positive answers to most of the questions above, then surely you are a good team player with a positive attitude. You can learn more about team building and growing together with the job groups at apna. It is a career building app that has been instrumental in helping millions of people in their job search, skill development and professional networking. 

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