Are you ignoring these 4 frontline hiring strategies?

Frontline staff is undoubtedly a valuable piece of the overall business. It is for this reason that hiring strategies when it comes to these folks is equally important.

Companies and Leaders across the board know that the face of their company is the frontline staff. Be it the customer support executives that address complaints, or the sales agents that greet customers and help them browse through your product or service offerings. Frontline staff is undoubtedly a valuable piece of the overall business. It is for this reason that hiring strategies when it comes to blue-collar, grey-collar, and entry-level white-collar folks is equally, if not more important than any other department. 

There are several strategies that a robust Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team must adopt to ensure seamless frontline hiring. 

Frontline hiring strategies for a robust TA team

1. Look for Technical and Behavioral Competencies

There are several free job posting sites on the internet but the key to finding the right one that works for you and your company is one where the recruiter dashboard has a little more control over qualitative assessments of potential candidates, rather than simply posting a job and waiting for candidates to apply. For example, some job recruitment sites allow you to choose skills and asset tags to ensure greater relevancy of candidates. A good thumb rule here would be to assess frontline staff not just on technical skills but also on softer skills and aptitude and behavioral questions much before. Trustworthy and verifiable candidates are hard to find, which is why having such checks and balances in place will go a long way in your hiring process.

2. Conduct Background Checks

Ensuring that candidates that apply send in a background check contact of a person in their previous organization with whom you can have a candid conversation about the employees’ overall behaviors and aptitude is a good litmus test for vetting candidates who readily provide such a reference and those who are hesitant to do so, for having erred in their previous stints.

3. Diversify your Sourcing Channels

Putting all your eggs in one basket is the worst mistake any recruiter can make. Instead of relying on third-party vendors, staffing and recruitment agencies, or a few job posting websites - any holistic Talent Acquisition team will diversify the way they source candidates for core and support roles. These roles can be hired directly through advertising channels, social media, and your network, where you will find plenty of active candidates.

4. Make your Employees your Brand Ambassador

High staff turnover leads to impaired continuity of care, lower quality, and increases the overhead costs of programs by increasing recruitment and training costs. If employers have trouble bringing prospective employees to the door, they may not be as discriminating as employers who can choose from a large pool of applicants. Because careful employee selection can eliminate later problems with retention, selection and training are integral parts of the recruitment and retention problem. Part of a good selection strategy is choosing workers who will be satisfied in their jobs and will stay. A good way to test this is to determine which of your frontline workers will also advocate for you and your business - and bring in more folks front their networks.

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