Are you learning & upskilling yourself for the post pandemic world?

The pandemic has created the need to upgrade yourself for the changing world and culture. Read more to know why you need to keep learning and upskilling.

Every career-oriented social media page has made at least a few posts about using your time productively during the lockdown. You must have read about gaining new skills, doing courses through online learning or signing up for learning apps. While learning and upskilling was always important, why is it so important now in this post-pandemic era? Read on to find out how the workplace has changed, the new skills required for those changes and how apna app can help you in the learning and upskilling journey.

Ways in which the world and workplace have changed post-pandemic

Ways in which the world and workplace have changed post-pandemic- blog

Just as our personal lives have changed in the pandemic, so have our professional lives. Here's how our workplace culture has changed over the past few months -

  1. Work from home – Earlier work from home was a possibility for only a lucky few, and now it is a reality for almost everyone, including administrative jobs like accountants, IT support, DTP operator etc.
  2. More online training – Companies had already started online training before the pandemic, but now that is the only option for most of the jobs. If you are starting a new career, most likely you will have to learn everything about the job only through online learning or learning apps.
  3. Importance to communication skills – Many jobs have converted to online jobs and all communication, either with vendors or customers, has changed to emails, phone calls and video meetings. Thus, written and spoken communication has become more critical than before.
  4. Fewer team interactions – Earlier new employees had the support of senior team members to teach them about the job, but the pandemic has led to fewer team meetings. There are no more 'chai breaks' or 'lunch breaks' to catch up with colleagues and discuss your problems. This also means you will speak mostly to your boss or supervisor.
  5. More rules and restrictions – The pandemic has led to more rules and regulations for in-person jobs like delivery person, nurses, sales professionals etc. You will be given more training and development on how to handle personal interactions with safety.

Top skills needed for a new post-pandemic workplace

Top skills needed for a new post-pandemic workplace- blog

Now you know that the workplace has changed over a few months. The next step is to understand how to face the reality of this new workplace. The only solution is to keep learning and adding skills for resume so you can be ready for job interviews. Here is a look at the top skills you need in 2020 –

  1. Adaptability & Flexibility – If 2020 has taught us anything, it's not to take anything for granted! This is the perfect time to showcase how you adapt to changes and to show you are flexible to any challenges that come your way.
  2. Tech-savvy – Currently, the entire world has gone online! Every company is using some form of app or website to do their work, and technological skills are some of the best skills for resume. Microsoft Office applications like Excel, PowerPoint and ability use online apps like Zoom, Skype etc. are good skills to showcase.
  3. Communication – As discussed above, you should be able to speak well and write decent English to communicate with everyone in the company. Write down multiple languages, including local languages, as they are useful skills on your resume.
  4. Problem Solving – Every day in the Corona world is a new problem! You should be in a position to solve these problems for your customer and boss.
  5. Customer Service – Recruiters for service-oriented jobs love the customer service skill on your resume. This means that they can put you on the job sooner without extensive training and development.

Make sure you have an example from your personal or professional life that will suit these skills. You might be asked in the interview to show where you used these skills in your life.

How apna app can help you in your journey of learning and upskilling

Today a simple search will show you multiple learning apps and online learning platforms where you can add new skills. But, many of these platforms are for high-level jobs or higher positions. If you are a recent graduate, or looking for entry-level jobs, or looking for skilled and semi-skilled jobs, then apna app is a great place for you to learn and add skills for resume. apna will be able to upskill you and help you find a job at the same place! Here is how -

  • Learn English – As seen above, communication is an essential skill in finding jobs in the post-pandemic world. The apna app has job groups like 'Learn English' where you can learn basic English skills and tips for English-based interviews. Often, apna also offers learning sessions with language experts. All these can be done in the apna app itself without downloading multiple learning apps!
  • Career tips – An essential part of training and development of skills is to receive the correct guidance. You can find career guidance and advice on the blog on the apna app. For example, you can find how the interview process takes place in COVID-19 lockdown and top interview tips.
  • Resume tips - As a job seeker, you need to make an impressive resume to catch the eye of any employer. apna app has a group called "Resume tips" which help you build your resume and makes you aware of the relevant skills for the job you want to apply for.
  • Job groupsapna app has several job groups where like-minded candidates come together. You can find out the latest developments, updates and news about the category of jobs. You can find out what skills are required for particular jobs and gain them.

Be prepared to face the reality of post-COVID-19 workplace with confidence! Join the apna app to find out about new jobs and learn the skills required to apply to these new jobs.

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