Best career quotes by Bollywood Superstars

Is your professional life running slow and you need some words of wisdom to gear up for a great career? Let’s see what Bollywood says!

07 February 20213 min read

“Kitne aadmi they?” - whether you remember the movie or not, these three words are forever etched in the minds of all Bollywood movie buffs. Some Bollywood dialogues transcend time and generations because of the wit, insight, and meaning punched in them. 

While most of such classic lines like “Bade bade shehron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain, Senorita” or “Pushpa, I hate tears” are used in fun conversations and mimicries, some Bollywood dialogues offer astounding life lessons in a nutshell.

So, if you are looking for some motivation to help you push ahead in your professional life, here are some gritty dialogues to uplift your spirits. 

1. “Dono taange tudwa ke apne pairon pe khada hona seekha hai” - Sharman Joshi 

Movie: 3 Idiots (2009)

Lesson: After overcoming numerous struggles, downfalls and failures in life, one finally learns to become self-reliant and confident - and these virtues are priceless to succeed in your career!

2. “Insaan ki shaksiyat aur jazbaat uske kaam mein nazar aati hai” - Emraan Hashmi

Movie: Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015)

Lesson: Your work is a reflection of your personality and the strength of your character. So, if you are committed to your work, you will shine, succeed and get noticed. 

3. “Vishvas aur ghamand mein bahut kum farak hai; main kar sakta hoon, yeh mera vishvas hai; sirf main hi kar sakta hoon, yeh mera ghamand” - Aamir Khan

Movie: Ghajini (2008)

Lesson: There’s a thin line between confidence and overconfidence - To think YOU CAN DO IT is confidence. To think that ONLY YOU can do it is overconfidence. Grow in your career by believing in your skills and respecting the capabilities of the others around you!

“Main ek bodyguard hoon ... meri duty ke ilawa na mujhe kuch dikhai deta hai, na mujhe kuch sunai deta hai” - Salman Khan

Movie: Bodyguard (2011)

Lesson: Focus on the duties that your work demands. Focus and dedication are the virtues that differentiate an extraordinary professional from an ordinary employee. 

“Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai ... main toh phir bhi salesman hoon” - Ranbir Kapoor

Movie: Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year (2009)

Lesson: Whether it’s a Superhero or a salesman, you have to take a few risks to succeed in your endeavours if you truly believe in them. Stepping back due to the fear of losing cannot lead to any wins in your career! 

6. “Kaam karna ho ... toh waqt ka mooh nahin dekhna chahiye” - Amol Palekar

Movie: Golmaal (1979)

Lesson: This quote from an old movie is a great tip for passionate people. It tells you that if you have to work seriously and sincerely towards any goal in your life, then don’t bother about the time. You can start working on your goals with full compassion and focus that you forget about the time to start or finish your work. 

7. “Bachcha kabil bano kabil, kaamyabi toh saali jhak maar ke peeche bhagegi”  - Aamir Khan

Movie: 3 Idiots (2009)

Lesson: Be the best at what you do. When you strive to accomplish your goals with your capabilities and skills, you are bound to be successful. 

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