Have a new job? Important things to think about

Have you bagged an exciting job? Congrats! To excel at your new work, there are a few things you may want to consider before getting on with your new work.

A new job brings a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and happiness. But sometimes, it can also make you anxious about how you will start and shape your position in your new job role. 

Word of advice: Do not overthink. Of course, there are a few aspects of your job that you should think about and carefully analyse to set yourself as a promising professional in the new organization.

1. What will be the nature of your new role in the office?

1. What will be the nature of your new role in the office? -apna.co blog
To be clear about your new role, read the Offer letter, talk to HR and ask questions to your manager.

This is a vital question that will help you understand the key areas where your contribution will be paramount for the success of the organization. 

While the Job Description and your interview may have shed some light on this question, it is important to understand your role in greater detail so that you know where and what to focus on to be truly valuable to your employer. 

A few good ways to gain a deeper understanding are:

  • To carefully read the Offer Letter (sometimes it can be really long though)
  • Talk to the HR during the joining process and 1st Day Orientation
  • Put forward your questions when your Manager briefs you over a presentation and asks, “Do you have any questions?”

2. Types of questions you ask at work

2. Types of questions you ask at work- apna.co blog
Ask smartly!

The first point brings us to this aspect of your new job. Often when you are new to a work environment, your mind seems to bubble up with questions. These questions, however, may not always be related to the job. The type of questions you ask as a new entrant to a company has an impact on how you are perceived by your new peers and bosses: 

  • Feel free to ask job-related questions, as it solves your doubt and helps you prepare for the job better
  • Ensure the timing of your question is correct and it is not interfering with the concerned person’s task at hand
  • Make sure you ask the question to the right person.  
  • Avoid sounding impudent when asking questions
  • Avoid questions that are not important in the first few weeks of your job such as company history, Friday programs, employee perks and privileges. Prove yourself at work before asking such questions.

3. What should be your new work habits?

3. What should be your new work habits- apna.co blog
May be it's the time to change yoyr habits!

With the new job, you might need to adjust your current routine. Think about the habits which are directly or indirectly linked to your company’s work culture.

  • Plan your sleep timing according to your work schedule. If you have long hours at work, figure out a way to ensure you get adequate time to rest and sleep 
  • You might need to strike off some of your daily activities that may encroach your work or rest times. Prioritise your health and work over mindless entertainment such as browsing social media or binge-watching series and movies 
  • Once you join the company, your lifestyle will fall into a systematic rhythm. So don’t overthink or fight the changes in the beginning. Go with the flow.

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