How can a fresher get a job in Mumbai?

Announced your graduation on your social media? It's time for the next venture. Here are some tips on how freshers can get jobs in Mumbai.

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a place that never disappoints. Millions of people migrate to this city every year with the dream of making it big in Mumbai Nagariya

The thrust of GenNext to become independent is driving job seekers to search for jobs as early as possible coupled with the need for hiring the right talent for the right job. Demand for fresher jobs is increasing by the day. Interestingly, one can find opportunities in abundance for fresher jobs in Mumbai. You just need to follow the right approach and the opportunities will follow.

If you are looking for your first job then consider the points mentioned below to land a job in Mumbai within a week: 

1. Prepare a compelling cover letter & resume 

Consider the resume like the face of a candidate. If you wish to impress the recruiter then you need to work on your resume as it reaches the recruiter before you do. Being a fresher, you won’t be having any professional experience but if you have taken an internship, make sure it is highlighted there. Other achievements, your passion, creative works, college projects, etc., can also be mentioned in your resume to add to its value. Don’t forget to attach a cover letter. A good cover letter can spark the recruiters’ interest and get them to read your resume. 

Register with job portals 

2. Register with job portals - blog

In today’s world, most of our answers can be found on the World Wide Web. So, one should make the best use of it and explore the plethora of jobs available on job portals! While registering with job portals ensure that you fill in the right information and attach a copy of the latest updated resume. apna app is one such job portal that provides the best opportunities in all job categories including full time and part-time jobs in Mumbai. You can also find plenty of work from home jobs in Mumbai through this app as well.  

3. Networking and Social Media 

One of the best ways to know about opportunities is to ask people within your network. We live in the modern era of the internet, where a social presence is indispensable. Social sites are not just limited to making friends and hanging out. You can also use them for creating valuable professional connections. Make connections with professionals residing in Mumbai and let them know that you are open to work. Social media is one of the best options to develop your connections. Network with your college seniors and friends and keep an eye out for job updates regarding job vacancies in Mumbai.

4. Walk-in interviews

4. Walk-in interviews- blog

Walk-in interviews are generally conducted by companies on selected dates and time-slots for the initial screening of candidates. The shortlisted candidates are then contacted for further rounds. Research well and keep an eye on all the urgent job vacancies in Mumbai postings for which the walk-ins are being conducted. Also always carry multiple hard copies of your resume. Walk-in interviews are also a great way to practise your interview and communication skills.

Consider temporary work options

We live in a wonderful time, where you don't need a permanent job to make a living. If you are looking for a job urgently and haven't narrowed down on a perfect one yet, consider taking up a Freelance or temporary job in Mumbai. It fills the gap in your career and you can always show your learnings or skills learnt during this period working as a freelancer.

If you follow these steps, finding a perfect fresher job in Mumbai won’t be difficult for you. apna app can help you start your job search in over 70 categories of full-time and part-time jobs in Mumbai. Start your job hunt with the apna app now!

All the best!

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