How to become a valued professional in a WFH job?

WFH has become all the more crucial to curb the spread of Covid-19. Want to shine at work, even though you are working from home? Keep reading.

Working from home without meeting your colleagues, managers, and subordinates in person may seem restrictive. While WFH has become common since the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, a lot of people may feel that this setup is limiting their growth opportunities, professional networking, new learning, and open communication in general. However, there are several ways you can prove your mettle and shine at work as a valued professional. Let us tell you how.

1. Take initiative 

1. Take initiative - blog

Everyone notices the person who takes initiatives. In the WFH setup, managers may often face the limitation to track the workload of individual team members. You can leverage this as an opportunity to show your sense of responsibility towards work. Take up work that has not been assigned to anyone and execute it diligently within the given time frame.

2. Be in regular contact  

Working remotely often leads to communication gaps. As a true professional, it is vital to keep all communication channels open irrespective of your work location. Check on your colleagues and peers with a simple ‘Hello’, in case there is nothing official to talk to them about on a given day. 

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3. Be prompt with your work correspondence 

3. Don’t make people wait for long - blog

As mentioned in the point above, working from a remote location may lead to delayed communication and a lot of crucial matters may get impacted due to this. This not only annoys the concerned stakeholders but is also detrimental to the overall growth of your department or the organisation as a whole. Such unresponsiveness can also tarnish your image as a dedicated employee.

The best ways to manage work correspondence are:

  • Enable notifications for your work mail, official messaging platforms, and apps you may be using for your professional purpose. 
  • Respond with a reasonable timeline when you are given a new task.
  • Reply with your reasons if a task is getting delayed and someone is asking about it.
  • Always state genuine reasons while you apologize for any miss instead of waiting for someone else to respond.
  • If you are busy in a meeting or held up with a high priority task, leave a response stating an approximate time when you can get back and remember to get back as promised

4. Be passionate about your work

Unless you are truly passionate about the job you are doing, you will tend to find excuses to delay it or not do it well enough. And average performers are never really valued in any organization. If you love the work you do, you will automatically be deeply involved in it and will shine eventually. This is a simple funda! Be passionate about what you do. Take up responsibilities and complete the tasks to the best of your ability. And soon you will be recognized for your efforts, whether you are working from home or office!

5. Work efficiently to manage your time

Working from home can be tedious if you are not efficient in time management. With all the additional distractions of other family members, domestic chores, and other daily work, official tasks can suffer and eat into your family time. People who cannot manage time fail to strike a proper work-life balance, especially when working from home. 

The important thing here is to be focused during your work hours and finish the critical tasks in hand. Take short breaks in between work, but don’t overdo it or get occupied with non-essential matters. You will be regarded as a valued employee when you can not only work well but also take care of your physical and mental health without burning out!

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