7 things to consider before choosing your hiring partner

Have to fill some vacancy? Considering these 7 factors will help you choose the right hiring partner for your recruitment plan.

Companies and job seekers often both have the same problem – finding the right match. Job portals are the best way for both to meet, but it depends on the type and scale of the hiring platform, whether the right candidate is matched with the job or not.

Here are all the factors you should consider for choosing the right hiring partner to save your time and money and to find suitable candidates as well :

  1. Reach of the platform
Reach of the platform - apna.co blog

Reaching the right audience is the biggest challenge of today's internet era. You might post a job on your website, but it might happen that not many candidates will go to your careers page and apply. This is why you choose to post your job openings on job portals.

You should choose a hiring partner that provides suitable as well as a large pool of candidates. The bigger the pool, the higher your chances of finding the right candidate. apna app has over 1.5 million candidates signed up on its platform, looking for jobs across industries.

2. Platforms with qualified and skilled candidates

Platforms with qualified and skilled candidates- apna.co blog

Most job portals are designed for white-collar professionals who are seeking IT jobs, consulting jobs etc. If you are filling positions for essential jobs and entry-level jobs, then you should choose a hiring platform which has both skilled and semi-skilled candidates looking for such jobs. apna app is a hiring platform where you can find both skilled and semi-skilled candidates whose expectations regarding job profile, salary and other qualifications match your requirements.

3. User friendly and easy to post a job

User friendly and easy to post a job- apna.co blog

A great hiring platform should be easy to use. Sometimes hiring managers feel confused with the number of options on some of the hiring platforms. You will have to go through several steps and fill lots of forms to post a job. This can be difficult and time-consuming when you have to fill positions quickly.

You should focus on finding a hiring partner who offers easy options like an app or web portal where you can quickly post a job within a few minutes. You should, at a glance, be able to see all your job postings and candidate information. Choose job portals like apna that focuses on simple & quick hiring solutions.

4. Quick job posting and review time

Quick job posting and review time- apna.co blog

Time is critical for most businesses like start-ups, small enterprises and more. Your business might have slowed down because you urgently need to hire a delivery person or office assistant. In such a case, you cannot wait too long for your job posting to get published on the hiring platform.

An efficient hiring partner should have a platform that offers quick job posting. You should be able to post your requirement, and ideally, it should be reviewed and go live within hours. The apna app, for instance, takes just about 30 minutes to go live with your first free job posting.

5. Budget for job posting including the free first job posting

Budget for job posting including first job posting free- apna.co blog

One of the factors to consider while finding the right hiring partner is to check how much it costs you. Many high-end job portals have huge hiring fees, and you don't even know if you will be able to find the right candidate!

The best way to choose among job portals is by signing up for a portal like apna, which offers the first free job posting. You can then find out for yourself if the job portal is the right choice for your business. Also, keep in mind the future costs, you don't want to spend your entire hiring budget on just job postings..right? Choose a site that is convenient for bulk job postings and charges competitive rates.

6. Quick TAT (Turn-around Time) for hiring

Quick TAT (Turn-around Time) for hiring - apna.co blog

Businesses today run on tight schedules, and every hour is precious. You cannot afford to wait for weeks to find the right candidates. You must find job portals where the complete hiring life cycle or turnaround time takes only a few days.

All the above factors lead to shorter cycles of hiring. Once you can post a job within hours, skilled candidates will start applying, and then you can begin the process of interviewing them and finish recruitment. Recruiters have hired candidates within 72 hours on apna.

7. Hands-on client support and quick resolution

Hands-on client support and quick resolution- apna.co blog

Every business is essential, and the right hiring partner should be able to help you, whether you want to hire 1 person or 100 people. Many large job portals are not accessible, and recruiters cannot find customer support to help them solve their queries or resolve any issues.

A great hiring platform should have dependable client support, which is available to reach out quickly. apna provides chat support from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 7 pm to solve all employer queries.

Job portals can make your life easy and turn you into a successful hiring professional, so choose wisely. apna is a wonderful hiring platform that checks all the above-mentioned factors and can help you hire candidates quickly and efficiently.