How to find a job during and post the COVID-19 pandemic

Finding new job during and post-pandemic time won't be that difficult if you are ready to put some extra efforts in searching jobs and networking.

The rapidly increasing economic effects of COVID-19 across the world on employment are expected to be worse than the last financial crisis during 2008-2009. ILO (International Labor Organisation) has predicted that around 25 million jobs are under threat by the advent of the corona virus pandemic across the globe.
Finding a job is a big challenge during the testing COVID-19 pandemic time. The effects of the current time are expected to show their impact even after this pandemic is over. Dwindling economies and companies going through tough phase are already causing loss of jobs and related eventualities. So, how to keep morale high and get a positive result in a job search? Let's find out.

1. Try to find organisations that are actively hiring

Try to find organisations that are actively hiring - blog
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Whether you are a graduate or just passed your secondary higher education, you should start career planning right from the start. There are several organisations out there that might find your interest in the world of employment.
Most of these organisations offer essential services jobs and have a huge requirement of helping hands who can help preparing for or fighting against this pandemic in some way or the other. Thus, by proving your utility in these fronts, you can be a part of the workforce that is actively working while creating earning opportunities for yourself.
There are some niche social media networks like LinkedIn and other job search websites or portals like apna, that are keeping an eye on active job seekers. The recruiters are directly reaching to the candidates through posts' information and conducting interviews, on-boarding etc., virtually through video calling tools like zoom, google meet. By staying in touch with the right people at right networks, job searchers can overcome their feats and get rewarded with much-needed jobs at the present times of crisis. You might even come across job-related applications on PlayStore or the App Store to get access to interesting job vacancies instantly like apna app.

2. Network and re-network till you get the job

Network and re-network till you get jobs - blog

Networking is the most important support one can look up to for the job search. If you are not a first timer and have worked earlier, then your trusted sources are your old colleagues and companies that you worked within the past. You can improve your image with these people and organisations and find more vacancies, if available, in your well-known pool of people.

You can take help of:

  • The HR department of the previous organisation
  • Get referred by the old colleagues
  • Get in touch with old supervisors to talk about your job needs, and so on.

3. Use apna app, the easiest job searching platform

How resources like apna app can provide job searching platform - blog
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apna app looks after the needs of the people who are struggling with the job search. This app has become a trusted platform for the job searchers who are looking for suitable options in various job groups. The users can find information about:

a. Job openings in various categories and according to skill set

b. It offers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals & industry-specific professionals who can help each other and grow together while meeting job search endeavours.

The app provides trusted networking support for the job searchers as it includes genuine people working in real organisations. Apart from finding the recruitment appeals raised directly from the companies, the users can also help each other by sharing the vacancies available. By the way of commenting, tagging people and sharing, all people in the group can come to know about the vacancies available. Job seekers can directly call the HR of the company through apna app.

4. Be prepared for multiple working environments

Be prepared for Multiple Working Environments - blog
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While working remotely is becoming the new normal, there are other working environments to which you are expected to adjust during such tough times. For instance, working on-premises will inculcate you to follow ground sanitation and hygiene rules to prevent the onset of corona virus.
So, keep an eye on the available job vacancies, be open to learning and get training if you are a fresher and keep networking games strong. These are some useful ways that can help find a job during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

apna app provides a platform through which people who are looking for a job and the company who wants to increase their workforce can connect with each other.

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