How to hire talented & skilled candidates for the company?

Recruiters can hire the most deserving candidates by smart and effective hiring strategies which starts from proper planning and communication.

Looking for some skilled workforce for your company? Did you know that around 51 per cent of job applicants are more interested in a company that reveals its job requirements properly in the description section? As such, it becomes imperative for your organization to look out for a skilled or talented workforce in a guided manner.

Recruitment is the process of recognizing and engaging job seekers for building a pool of well-qualified and deserving candidates. Human resources are an essential expense for any company. For exceptional business processes, it is crucial to hire employees through a robust recruitment process.

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Importance of Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment planning and hiring strategies are necessary for an organization to understand their requirements about the types of employees they need. Furthermore, recruitment planning helps the human resource department to strategize the possible sources of hiring candidates with related interests and qualifications. The recruitment strategies help to design various evaluation processes for screening the right set of candidature. Human resource planning is an integral part of any organization for the recruitment and staffing of personnel.

Top 5 Tips to keep in mind throughout the hiring process

An ideal recruitment program consists of five stages that help attract a large number of job applicants who will have to clear the screening process to fulfil the vacancy. The five stages of the recruitment process are in the order of planning, developing strategy, searching, screening, and evaluation. During these five stages, there are few guidelines which every HR should follow:

  1. Recruitment Planning - Every recruitment process starts with proper planning about the qualifications and interests of the desired candidates. The further recruitment process depends upon proper planning and strategizing of the entire process. The vacancies are converted into measurable and identifiable quantities. These could include the number and types of applicants needed to be contacted to fill up the requisition of the vacant positions.

Employees are the most significant expenses borne by any organization. As such, proper recruitment planning also takes care of the calculated yield ratios, i.e., the number of applicants needed to be screened to fill up the number of vacancies.                                                                                                                          

2. Requisition and Communication - After deciding the required skill sets and qualifications needed for the ideal candidature, the next step is to write a perfect job description that will suffice the requirements. It is necessary to write well-communicated job descriptions that will help to engage the target applicants. HR can post free jobs as well as paid ones, based on the company's budget and shall incorporate valuable recruitment partner portals for the same.

HR should keep in mind that a realistic expectation is communicated from the higher management for the right candidate to be hired. The main motive behind posting jobs on various job portals is not to attract piles of resumes. The motive is to make the desired candidates excited about the job role and apply through the portal with full enthusiasm.                                                                        

3. Selection of Recruitment Partners - There are several recruitment partners that help companies to source the desired pool of applicants. Apna is one such platform through which recruiters can hire candidates within 72 hours. It is specially meant to hire blue and grey collar workforce.  

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Recruitment partners improve the productivity of the recruiters, expand social reach of the company, and saves time in sourcing candidates from offline sources. The recruitment partner apps are useful as they streamline the applications, induce proper and effective communication between the employer and applicant, and initiate automation of the recruitment process.

4.  Evaluation and Screening - The screening of applicants is considered to be an integral part of the selection procedure to hire employees and to sort out the qualified and deserving candidates. The selection process begins after the resumes are shortlisted, and candidates are asked to attend a personal interview.
After the candidates appear for the interview, HR screens the candidates according to the compatibility of the position. In this stage of the recruitment process, HR should keep in mind that they should shortlist all the qualified candidates but select the ones who are committed to their career growth and thrive for getting promoted by doing hard work.

5. Reconnecting with Ex-employees - The previous employees are one of the most useful sources of job applicants. Organizations should keep in touch with the alumni and provide them with essential updates at regular intervals. HR can survey alumni to evaluate any prospective candidature or encourage alumni referral program so that previous employees can suggest potential candidates for the recruitment process.
There are many pros of hiring ex-employees as they are considered to be less expensive sources than the paid job portals. When the ex-employees return to their previous employers, they are in a stage to bring back competitive intelligence with broader experiences. They become potent assets for their company as they feel more loyal than before.

For selecting the most deserving and right candidates, HR has to strategize the recruitment process in a well-planned and developed manner of hiring. While it is vital to source new candidatures, higher positions can be filled by inviting previous employees into the system. The traditional way of posting on the career job board of websites to hire candidates has evolved into more employer branding strategies for attracting the right pool of applicants to fill up the vacancies.

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Happy Hiring !