HRs may lose interest in your resume for these 5 mistakes

Your resume is your intro before anything else. Avoid these 5 mistakes in your resume before it's too late and your job application gets rejected by the HR.

Your resume is your official introduction to an HR. Did you know that on average, an HR just takes 7 seconds to screen a resume and decide whether to shortlist or reject an applicant? So, if you want to catch the attention of a recruiter, your resume has to be crisp, attractive and to the point.

Do you know the 5 simple silly mistakes in your resume that may affect your candidature in your job application?

1. Using a basic ONE pager

Even if you are a fresher, a one-page resume is too short to highlight your education, professional potential, and personal interests and achievements. Research suggests that a 2-page resume detailing qualification, work experience, personal and professional achievements, contact information, and work sample or portfolio links garners more interest from an HR professional than a basic 1-page resume.

2. Typos & grammatical mistakes

2. Typos & grammatical mistakes- blog

While building a resume, grammatical mistakes and typos are often overlooked. A resume is a professional document, and if it contains silly mistakes it gives a negative impression about the professionalism of the job applicant. So, spell check and grammar check your resume for such small mistakes and make sure your resume is error-free.

3. Using "one–size–fits–all" approach

Sometimes people use a master template to apply for all jobs. Resume customization is important when applying for different roles. For example, if you are applying for a content writer's position, your resume should focus on your writing skills with links to your published work. But if you are applying for an English trainer/teacher's job, you cannot use the same resume prepared for the content writer's position. Based on the job you're applying for, you should highlight your duties/accomplishments and skillsets.

4. Going on too long or cutting things too short

It's often found that people either elaborate so much information in their resumes which is irrelevant & redundant or they squeeze their experiences onto one page which makes them delete some significant information such as achievements. Both cases should be avoided when you send your resume to a recruiter.

5. Skipping the cover letter

5. Skipping the cover letter- blog

A cover letter is crucial as it communicates the answers to "Why does the position interest you? Why are you a good fit? Why do you want to work at this company?" We often miss out on writing a cover letter summarizing "Why should I be considered for this role."

So, avoid these 5 mistakes and keep your resume ready for your job search process. You can also read our blog "5 Tips to build an impressive Resume".

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