Need a job in Bangalore within 48 hours? Try this

Are you looking for jobs in Bangalore? If you are in a hurry to land the right job, here is a quick guide that can accelerate your job search!

12 February 20213 min read

In the last few decades, Bangalore has emerged as India’s IT hub. Every year, lakhs of people move to India’s Silicon City to pursue their career. The city offers ample opportunities in tech companies, startups, MNCs, as well as big conglomerates. While there are plenty of work opportunities here, landing the right job may seem like a tedious process taking anywhere between a few days to a few months. But there are a few tips and tricks that may speed up the process.

Here is an important list of things you can do to accelerate your job hunt that may help you find a job within 48 hours in Bangalore: 

1. Update your resume right away! 

Update your resume

Once you add in all the necessary points in your resume and update it in the job portals, the chances of your resume showing up in a recruiter’s search for candidates will increase considerably.

2. Write a smart and compelling cover letter

Think of a man in Tuxedo! While a simple shirt and trousers are enough to be allowed into the party, the Tuxedo makes you memorable and elevates your status among the others present. Your cover letter is that Tuxedo! 

This document should reflect on why you are a strong candidate for the job role. While it should be brief, crisp and to the point, it should mention your career objective, primary skill sets, and why you are interested in applying for a particular position.

3. Explore multiple job sites and authentic job apps 

In today’s world, most of our answers can be found on the World Wide Web. So, make use of if and explore the plethora of job sites on offer! 

But before you feel overwhelmed with the options available, download some trusted and effective job apps such as apna. Such an app will facilitate your job search with features like ‘directly call the HR’ to schedule an interview, saving time and bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.

4. Leverage your professional network 

Ask in your network 

One of the best ways to know about opportunities is to ask people within your network. Find connections residing in Bangalore and let them know that you are open to work. Spread the word among your friends, alumni association, colleagues (present or former) or other acquaintances and you may get a quick referral. 

5. Consider temporary work options 

If you are looking for a new job urgently and can’t find a perfect job offer on short notice, then you can consider a temporary or contract job in Bangalore. Such types of jobs are beneficial for you in several ways such as : 

  • It fills the gap in your career which might arise on leaving your current job. Plus you can always mention your takeaways or new skills that you learnt during your stint in such temporary role.
  • It helps you arrange an earning until you get your desired job in Bangalore. 
  • Since businesses often need temporary workers quickly, you might get hired fast here in comparison to a permanent job role. 
  • If an employer finds your work good and useful in the long term, then it’s likely that you will be offered a permanent role in the company. 

Now that you know these tips, start your job hunt with a new determination. 

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All the best!

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