Professional Networking Case studies - Javed Kokane

Do you think your professional career is doomed without a formal education? Here’s a heart-warming story to lift your spirits!

Case Study 2

Javed Kokane

Do you think your hopes and dreams of securing a good job for yourself are dead without having a bunch of degrees? Today we are here to tell you that although those things are important, you can still achieve professional success even without them. Javed’s story is sure to inspire you to strive for excellence. 

Javed was a taxi driver who had downloaded the apna app during the lockdown as his work had come to a standstill during that time. He was looking for an alternate source of income to sustain his family until he could get back on the road. He also had this deep desire to learn the English language and the backstory for this is actually quite interesting. 

Javed used to drive his taxi near the Mumbai airport and often had foreigners as customers. They used to try and make conversation with him and even though he wanted to speak to them, the language barrier was something he could not conquer. Javed was always curious to know more about other cultures and the way of life in other countries but he never had the opportunity to travel abroad. At the very least, he wanted to learn the English language so he could converse with his customers and get to know whatever little he could about their culture. 

Now, it is no secret that the internet is filled with free English teaching tools but the community aspect of apna is what interested Javed the most. The idea of being able to learn with other people who were also struggling and see each other progress was something that excited him. Javed connected with people in apna’s Learn English group. While some group members were learners like him, there were also English trainers and coaches who helped him learn and practice the language. His professional network grew stronger than ever. His connections helped him learn the basics of English. Soon, Javed became fluent in spoken English! 

Javed’s journey doesn’t end there. As he began to understand the power of professional networking, he ventured into the other groups of apna. He started conversing and posting regularly in the ‘business’ group. Today, Javed runs a flourishing business of cultivating and selling Kishmish on his brother’s farm.

Kishmish -
Javed's self-grown Kishmish

According to Javed, the success of this venture is because of his hard-work, his family’s love and the endless encouragement and motivation and the robust support he received from his connections on apna. Javed continues to strengthen his professional identity as a successful businessman. Javed’s life shows that it is never too late to acquire new skills to fulfil your dreams. We are proud of his accomplishments and we wish him all the best in growing his business further!

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