Professional Networking Case Studies - Jyoti Shukl

Story of Jyoti Shukl and how she benefitted from networking on apna APP

This blog series is aimed to highlight the success stories of some apna power users and how professional networking accelerated their career trajectory.

Case Study 1

Jyoti Shukl

Let us introduce you to a power user of the Apna app - Jyoti Shukl. Who is she? How did she become a power user, what did she do as a power user and where does she stand in life professionally?

Jyoti Shukl, just like several other people, had lost her job at the onset of the nationwide lockdown in 2020.  Soon after, she downloaded the Apna app and started applying for jobs in the healthcare category. 

Being a healthcare worker, she wanted to help fellow Indians deal with the clutches of this evil virus, in whatever way she could. She started interacting with users in the apna groups. 

Jyoti started posting general tips related to Covid-19.  As the connections in her professional network began to grow, she got noticed by one of the most prominent private hospitals in Mumbai and landed a job as a nurse where she was responsible for taking care of Covid patients. Her livelihood was restored and her wish to help the country was being fulfilled too. 

Now, while most people uninstall job apps after finding work, Jyoti remained active on the apna app because she had understood the value of professional networking. This is where apna was different from other job apps.  Being a hardworking and resourceful person, Jyoti kept posting updates from her work life. She started dabbling in groups like Start your Business, Learn English and other such groups to learn new skills and gain more knowledge. 

Today she is a famous influencer among millions of apna users and one of the most loved people in the community. She has started two businesses with people she met on the app:  

  • A recruitment agency 
  • A mask selling trade
Jyoti Shukl -
Jyoti Shukl

At the age of 50 years, Jyoti Shukl has transformed her life and found success with the help of a strong professional network on apna.  Jyoti is still very active and posts useful and interesting information daily and keeps in touch with her connections. She continues to make new connections, and inspire more people every day. Her story demonstrates the power of professional networking and how you can create a powerful professional identity for yourself to move ahead in life!

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