Professional Networking - How this ambitious girl is rewriting her success story

Professional networking is not just a means to build a professional identity or get a job. Vaishali's story illustrates what more this network is capable of!

Case Study 5 - Vaishali Chauhan

This is the story of Vaishali Chauhan, an MCOM student pursuing her Masters in Chaudhary Charansingh University in Delhi. She is also a government exam aspirant with CGL and SSC as her primary focus. 

All was going as planned, but the pandemic stood on her way as a deal breaker. With the nationwide lockdowns, Vaishali was forced to look for a job, as her family encountered a financial crisis. And then came one of the biggest blows of her life - the untimely demise of her father. As her world came crashing down, she got drowned in the darkness of depression. There seemed no ray of hope to move forward. Life seemed hopeless and dull.

Vaishali -
Vaishali Chauhan

On one such gloomy day, Vaishali found an app on Google Playstore.

“I don’t know why but I downloaded the apna app. Maybe it was my cue to free myself from the clutches of hopelessness.” says Vaishali.

Within minutes of downloading, she started surfing the ‘Government Exam Prep’ Group. The curtain of gloom began to lift as she saw many other Government exam aspirants exchanging information and having conversations around SSC and CGL examinations. Her resolve to crack the Government exam was re-kindled. She sprung back to pursue her professional ambition and her family soon noticed this change in her. With the help of one of her teachers, Vaishali has begun to prepare for the Government exam with new fervour, and supporting her in this endeavour is her professional network at apna. 

Whenever she feels low, she now has a strong circle of like-minded people to fall back to. It has become like a family where every member is ready to help each other and move ahead in life. 

Today Vaishali is as committed as ever. She interacts with her connections and other members of the “Government” group on a daily basis to solve exam papers, conduct quizzes,  revise lessons and discuss each other’s doubts. It is like a group study session, one that actually involves studying. Their passion is infectious, so much so that some of them ambitious young folks are up till 2 am discussing questions and answers!

Interestingly, Vaishali is not just an apna app user, but a very popular influencer as well. Vaishali’s story stands testament to the fact that even if your life becomes shrouded by misfortunes or difficult circumstances, your professional network can help in finding your way to a brighter future. 

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