The best ways to find 12th pass jobs in 2021

Have you finished your intermediate course and are looking for a job? Let us help you find some 12th pass jobs with the following Q&A!

14 February 20214 min read

Can I find jobs after finishing my PUC (pre-university course)?

Sometimes in life, it becomes necessary to find a source of livelihood right after completing your 12th grade! There are several successful people out there who had to start working instead of pursuing a college degree. While the prevalent notion is that to find a good job you need a college degree, with the right attitude and a systematic approach, you can land a good job for yourself as soon as you finish school. 

Can I pursue my higher education alongside working?

Yes. It is possible to work and study simultaneously. You need to find a job that allows you enough time to study. There are several jobs available with flexible working hours or with a part-time work arrangement that require basic qualification such as content writer, graphic designer, food and e-commerce delivery, playschool help, online tutor, security personnel, office help, etc.

How can I find 12th pass jobs?

Read here to know some of the best ways to find 12th pass jobs:  

1. Know your interest 

Know your interest 

The first step in starting your job search is to know yourself! You must know what you like to do. It’s always said that if you like your work, you will sustain it for a long. Basically, you should enjoy what you do. So, figure out our areas of interest. For eg., if you have an interest in image editing, that can become a good option to consider for the job.

2. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Interest is important but sometimes it's not enough to land a job. You must know what you are good at. Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses helps you to know what you are actually capable of doing. 

Note down your strengths and weaknesses and then try to align your strengths with your interests. This will help narrow down your job search.

3. Use a qualification filter on job portals and career apps 

Vacancies posted in job portals, classifieds, and newspapers have a minimum qualification requirement. While selecting for openings based on your qualification can be tedious with offline mediums, it is very easy to filter job openings based on qualification. There are some very helpful career apps such as apna, where you can find various opportunities for 12th pass job seekers! 

4. Research

After shortlisting the job options available for 12th pass candidate, you should start researching the following factors related to those jobs : 

Career prospect

You must know the scope of the job i.e. whether you can see your long term career in that job option. 


Earning is an important factor in choosing any job. Research about the standard salaries which are generally offered for that job. 

Time management

This is also a significant factor if you want to pursue higher studies after 12th class. You must know whether you will be able to manage your studies along with the job. Some of the jobs are very demanding in terms of time and efforts that leaves very little time to spare for other activities.  

So you must choose the job option after careful evaluation of all the factors. Take your time in this research well! 

Apply for jobs

Apply for jobs on apna app

After choosing the best option to consider for a job, you should start applying for the jobs through the job searching portals and apps like apna app. Install this app and create a professional profile mentioning your details such as name, contact number, gender, qualification and experience. Within seconds, tons of 12th pass jobs will appear on your smartphone screen! Apply to multiple jobs as per your interest and location and call the HR directly to fix your job interview! 

Does apna also have 10th pass jobs?

Yes. There are jobs available for 10th and 12th pass job seekers on apna in the following cities: Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Ranchi on apna app. More cities will be added soon. There are multiple job openings for graduates too in over 65+ job categories. Whether you are a fresher or have work experience, explore the app for fast jobs and a great career!

All the best!

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