The impact of technology in recruitment and selection

The technology has shaped a lot of systems in the world. Read more here to know how it has impacted the recruitment & selection process in the companies.

Gone are the days of hiring when the only technology in recruitment was the use of email for sending resumes and related communication. Today, hiring platforms have evolved to offer a range of recruitment tools that involve advanced technology and artificial intelligence in recruitment. Every tool provides something unique, and as a recruiter, you need to evaluate which ones are useful to your company. Here's a look at the benefits of using technology in recruitment and what are the valuable tools, and how to assess whether these tools make your recruitment efficient.

Benefits of using technology and recruitment tools for hiring

  1. Diversity of candidates – Technology in recruitment has ensured that job openings are available to a broader audience. Online job listings help candidates from a range of backgrounds irrespective of their gender, age, social and economic status. Job openings are also accessible to semi-rural and rural populations who can easily apply to jobs anywhere in India. Thus, companies can get access to a higher number of needy, hardworking and skilled candidates.

2. Recruitment cycles are faster – Offline recruitment used to take weeks at a time to hire one candidate, however technology in recruitment has made hiring time to reduce to just a few days. For instance, HR recruiters can finish the entire hiring cycle for entry-level jobs on apna app in around 72 hours! This is because each step in the recruitment process is shortened –

  • Publishing a job listing takes just 30 minutes
  • The applicant tracking system gives the recruiter an idea of how many applicants are at each stage of the process
  • The app technology ensures that automated responses are sent out to candidates at the end of each recruitment process, thereby reducing response time.

3. Value addition to the recruitment process – A vital part of the hiring process is to assess the skills of the candidate and check whether they are stating the truth in their resume. Earlier recruiters had to conduct one round of interview to determine this. But now, thanks to technology in recruitment, the effort of recruiters is reduced. The apna app has a wonderful feature that allows recruiters to use online skill assessment tests to filter out candidates. Only the successful candidates will move on to the next round.

Choosing the right online recruitment tools in a hiring platform


Recruiters and employers have a variety of online recruitment tools to choose from today. Recruiters should choose hiring platforms like apna app, which offer useful recruitment tools and use artificial intelligence in recruitment. Here are some of the online recruitment tools to look out for –

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)– An ATS gives a snapshot of the candidates who have applied for the job and at what stage they are in the recruitment process. apna app uses a SaaS technology that helps in tracking applications faster and better.
  • Video CV – A lot of jobs, like customer care representatives and tele-callers, require communication skills. Instead of spending time talking to each candidate, recruiters can ask for Video CV from them. This way, they can judge the communication skills and body language of the candidate even before calling them for an interview.
  • Easy filtering process – HR recruiters don't have time to read through every resume. Thus it is ideal to have a hiring platform which will make filtering resumes easier. apna uses artificial intelligence in recruitment and has created a 'Resume parser' which pre-fills the resumes of candidates into categories like total experience, last company, college etc. Recruiters can quickly filter this information.
  • Automated response for applicants – There are many situations where candidates lose interest or even forget they applied to specific jobs because they didn't receive a confirmation from the HR. A tech-savvy platform like apna offers an automated response to applicants when they complete each step in the recruitment process. This way, the candidate is engaged and leads to higher conversion of job offers.

Use of HR metrics and analytics for better selection process


The buzzword in HR and recruitment circles is HR metrics and analytics. The idea is simple – metrics are essentially measurements that are used to track hiring success and to optimize the hiring process.

The use of technology in recruitment enables recruiters to have access to a wealth of data that was not possible before online recruitment. Hiring platforms like apna can help recruiters get data and find information on –

  • Time taken to complete the hiring of a candidate – Right from the time of job posting till sending out a job offer, you can know the time taken for each step
  • Quality of applications – Based on the skill assessments, you can identify what kind of candidates are applying to your job postings
  • Selection ratio – How many candidates apply for each role and how many do you shortlist in each round of the selection process
  • Cost per hire – This is an important parameter and especially for bulk recruiters. The lower your cost, the more successful is your hiring process.

As you can see the use of technology in recruitment has multiple benefits, and it will help companies recruit faster, better and cheaper. However, you need the right hiring partner to help you on this journey of recruitment and apna can be the perfect hiring platform for you! With its state of the art artificial intelligence in recruitment and efficient applicant tracking system, apna app is the best in the market.