Top 3 things to do to handle increased workload

As you climb up the career ladder, your job responsibilities also increase. And with more responsibilities, comes more work. Many professionals grapple with the added work pressure and often end up compromising on their personal life, family time, and overall well-being. Now, is there a shortcut to manage this workload effectively within your workday?

Let’s find out… 

1. Stay Positive

Hey, smile! You are lucky to not just have a job, but also a promotion!

So, the first thing to do is to have the right attitude at work. Look at your increased workload as a sign of success and cease it like an opportunity to prove your worth to the management. Thinking positively is directly linked to your drive and passion, which ultimately helps you to finish the work faster and to deliver better results. Be passionate and positive towards your work, learn to like it (remember it’s putting food on your table) and enjoy the additional opportunity given to you! Remember this: Only those who are capable and reliable are given new tasks and responsibilities and you are one such person!    

2. Master the art of prioritization 

Prioritizing your tasks can work wonders in managing your workday efficiently, so much so that you will not only have time to complete your work but also have time for your family and hobbies.

To learn prioritization, let’s quickly look at the ‘in-basket’ exercise. This method is aimed to make a person learn about how to finish a given number of tasks in a specific amount of time. It helps you to learn the importance of prioritizing the few tasks which are crucial in nature and then moving to the lesser important tasks. This prevents you from spending more time on less important tasks and completing all activities within the stipulated timeline.

  • Shortlist the most crucial tasks and put them on your priority list
  • Allocate your time between tasks based on their priority
  • Tasks with the least priority can be given less time
  • Certain easy tasks can be put in a parking lot and finished between short breaks

3. Ask for help if necessary 

Don’t beat yourself up if something takes more time than expected. Keep an open channel of communication between the concerned people and yourself and keep them updated about the progress or the roadblocks in completing the task at hand.

If you are not able to meet the deadline even after your best efforts and seek an extension of the timeline. It is better to produce quality than to deliver a shoddy job and damage your professional image and reliability in the eyes of your manager, colleagues, and seniors.

If required, don’t hesitate to ask for help in completing a crucial task. You may be surprised at how understanding and helpful people might be when you are honest about your problems and ask for support!

Never shy away from assistance if you think you need a few more hands and minds in finishing the project successfully. 

Only when you feel sorted physically and mentally, can you focus on work properly? Anything that may take a toll on both of these factors should be discussed immediately and addressed with a solution to help you manage your work pressure effectively. Communication is the key to finding solutions around mental stress, issues rising out of work pressure, and a well balanced professional life.

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