Transforming your career with Professional Networking - Case study 3 - How a coach became famous!

How a coach with a proven track record, became even more famous and industrious!

Kirti Bhola

Kirti Bhola is a well established trainer and coach. Focusing mainly on personality development and marketing. Currently working for Flipkart. Highly qualified with an MBA in both HR and Marketing and with a vast experience of more than twenty years. Today we will learn the power of professional networking through Kirti’s story and how it is helpful for you, no matter what stage you are at in your career. You may be a fresher or veteran with a proven track record, the importance of networking remains the same. 

Kirti Bhola -
Kirti Bhola

In his words, apna has given him a different identity. In a profession like his, creating a digital identity and garnering fame for oneself goes a long way. Especially in an age where everything is shifting to online platforms, if you want to stay relevant as a coach then you need to adapt. That is exactly what Kirti did. He started his training sessions on the app. He set a routine and soon enough there were people joining his sessions on a regular basis. They used to wait for him to come and start his classes. It only took Kirti a couple of weeks to make a name for himself in front of millions of other Indians. It was easy for him because he already had the knowledge. All he needed was  the sincerity to be regular. Kirti believes that what keeps a trainer going is to see his students prosper and grow. The most basic need and also the most important one, was seeing how all these users of apna were benefiting from his classes and inculcating those values in their daily lives. They became motivated. This helped Kirti cement his presence and he became professionally connected with not only his students but also other trainers and coaches. It wasn’t long before Kirti started receiving enquiries for his paid classes and was able to monetize his growth on the app, outside the app. The most important takeaway for Kirti was, he finally has the confidence and  the courage to start his own online platform and concept called, “Hamara Genie”. This was started in partnership with a few contacts Kirti made on the app. 

From Kirti’s story, we think it goes without saying that no matter where you are in your life and no matter how accomplished, there is always something to learn from other people. There is a beauty in helping in each other grow because no matter what situation you might find yourself in, there will always be someone to help you and guide you through it. That is the beauty of professional networking and building a strong circle of friends that help you professionally.

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