What are the popular career options in India?

Know about the most popular career options in India and choose the best fit for yourself from this list..

If you open any job searching website or app, you will find thousands of job opportunities in thousands of categories. Making the right career choice is important for every individual, otherwise it may ruin a lot of your energy, time and mental peace. Some people stick to only one career option from the day they begin working, while others change their career choice gradually due to one or the other reason. 

Since people have wider career choices in today’s times, choosing a career for yourself is a more confusing and complex process now. It’s natural for them to get confused or lost sometimes. Therefore we are here to tell you about the most popular career options in India to:

  • Help you know which career options are available out there
  • Help you decide which would be suitable for you according to your interest, personality and skills
  • Prevent you from choosing a wrong career option 

So let’s find out what are these options: 

1. Tech careers

Technology drives the economy and advancement of every country. Therefore there is always a huge demand for talented technocrats in the market. The jobs range from a software engineer to hardware engineer, programer to Quality Analyst (QA), design engineer to Tech Manager, front end developer to back end developer etc. 

2. Marketing career options

Marketing is a major career option for MBAs. Every product requires sales and marketing, which makes this an attractive career choice for management graduates. People with excellent communication, persuasiveness and presentation skills can excel in this field. You can find jobs such as Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer representative, relationship manager, Digital Marketing Executive, SEO, Graphic Designer, Telecaller etc. 

Finance career options 

This career option is chosen by people who are good with numbers, calculations and finances. Finance graduates are given high regard as they help the organization by maintaining accounts, estimating costs, making budgets, profit maximization and preparing financial reports. Popular career options are Accounts Executive, CA, CS, Financial Planner etc. 

HR career options 

There is still a lot to be done by humans before machines take over everything. So an HR’s role can’t be ignored at all. An HR’s hand is required when people have to be hired, managed and retained in any organization. You can choose this field and opt for career options like HR Manager, Recruiter, Payroll Executive, Labour Relations Officer etc.  

Legal career options 

The law career options have gained a lot of popularity recently due to the increasing role of regulations and laws in almost every sector. This has generated huge employment opportunities for law graduates, who can specialize in corporate law, international law & policies, tax law, labour law and a lot of other subjects. 

6. Unconventional career options

Apart from popular career options, there are some other options too which have gained popularity in recent years and are attracting a lot of talented pool of job seekers. These range from Data Analyst to Statistician, Fashion Designer to Illustrator/ Graphic Designer, Content Writer to Linguistic expert, Counsellor to Psychologist, Tutor, Entrepreneur, Social Worker etc. 

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