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Job Title: VMC Engineer (Manufacturing Department - Production)

Job Summary:

As a VMC Engineer, you will be responsible for the setup, operation, maintenance, and optimization of Vertical Machining Centres (VMCs) used in the manufacturing of automotive components. You will ensure that machining processes meet the quality, efficiency, and production targets required for automotive manufacturing.

Key Responsibilities:

Machine Setup and Programming:

Configure VMCs for specific machining operations

according to engineering drawings and

specifications. Develop CNC programs or utilize

pre-existing programs to machine automotive

components with precision and efficiency.

Operation and Monitoring:

Operate VMCs to produce automotive parts,

monitoring the machining process to ensure

accuracy and quality. Adjust machine settings as

necessary to optimize production output while

maintaining adherence to safety protocols.

Quality Control:

Conduct regular inspections of machined

components to verify dimensional accuracy, surface

finish, and adherence to tolerances. Implement

corrective actions to address any deviations from

quality standards and ensure compliance with

automotive industry regulations.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

Perform routine maintenance tasks on VMCs,

including cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of

worn components, to ensure optimal machine

performance. Troubleshoot mechanical, electrical,

and programming issues to minimize downtime and

maximize productivity.

Tooling Management: Manage tooling inventory, including selection,

procurement, and maintenance of cutting tools,

fixtures, and workholding devices. Optimize tool

life and performance to achieve cost-effective

machining operations.

Process Optimization:

Identify opportunities to improve machining

processes, cycle times, and tool utilization through

continuous improvement initiatives. Collaborate

with cross-functional teams to implement process

enhancements and achieve production efficiency


Documentation and Reporting:

Maintain accurate records of machining parameters,

tooling usage, maintenance activities, and

production output. Generate reports on machine

performance, downtime, quality metrics, and

production efficiency for management review.



Adhere to safety regulations and best practices to

ensure a safe working environment for yourself and

your colleagues. Participate in safety training

programs and promote a culture of safety awareness

throughout the organization.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

 Bachelor/ Diploma or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing

Engineering, or related field.

 Minimum 5 Years of Experience but not more than 10 Years.

 Previous experience working with VMCs in the automotive manufacturing industry.

 Proficiency in CNC programming, preferably with experience in automotive machining


 Strong understanding of machining principles, tooling selection, and fixture design.

 Knowledge of automotive industry standards and quality requirements.

 Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot technical issues


 Effective communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team


 Attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality products on time and

within budget.

Supervisory Skills :- Mainly on Manpower Handling experience is very much required.

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Job role

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Chandigarh, India


Production / Manufacturing / Engineering

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Manufacturing - Engineering

Employment type

Full Time


Day Shift

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Min. 3 years




Machine security, CNC/VMC machine operations, Machine maintenance, Machine operation, CAM software, Lathe Machine operations

English level

Basic English

Degree/ Specialisation

BE/B.Tech in Mechanical/ Mechatronics/ Engineering/ Automobile, Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering/ Mechanical (Production) Engineer/ Mechanical Automobile Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering (Atleast one)

Age limit

25 - 45 years



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