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Deputy Manager - SALPL - Growth

Job Purpose“This position is open with Bajaj Finance ltd.”Manage Professional Loan Risk function, maintaining a healthy portfolio, managing losses and bounces within defined threshold, and taking proactive actions to minimize losses for Professional Loan business and increase business volumes by identifying new Product and Business segments
Duties and ResponsibilitiesPRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES(Accountabilities associated with the job)1. Risk Policy development & Assessment Define customer profile and attributes in terms of Degree, Experience, business stability, Age, Bureau Behaviors, Banking Behavior, etc. to develop criteria required to assess the customer to approve/reject loan sanction request Monthly assessment of various controls charts and KPI’s at Segments / Degree / Geography/ Leverage/ Deviations and take appropriate actions to maintain healthy portfolio Define smart TTD Triggers, automate on system and ensure strong hind sighting of new acquisition. 2. Process Design Define and periodically review the master process administered alongside the master policy, including aspects of various touch points (such as API integration)  Plan projects by leveraging analytics, technology, databases to build automated and rule-based decision making in operations with a view to minimize risk in business transactions, and improve predictability of risk  Conduct detailed internal checks and due diligence prior to decision making on the master process and policy for approval/non-approval of loans Report and review loss rate as per predefined format and regulatory requirements on monthly basis and take corrective actions for maintaining loss rate targets post customer onboarding and ensure changes are reflected in master policy and process 3. Offer Efficiency management Review offer waterfall from BIU / COE Teams on monthly/ quarterly basis to identify the gaps and obtain insights on where offers are targeted to increase offer efficiency Monitor offers in compliance with risk rules on a continuous basis Review and analyze 30-40 rules leading to offer pool generation, propose suggestions to CRO to enhance their efficiency, and put up to business stakeholders for review4. Stakeholders management/ interaction  Conduct discussions with BIU teams to understand issues faced and resolve the same Interact with credit underwriting team to ensure compliance of policies to be rolled out with underwriting/ regulatory guidelines  Engage with product teams at HO, business teams, sales teams and zonal managers to understand challenges, seek clarity on cases of delinquencies, resolve those and obtain feedback on location specific requirements  Visit collection branches for reviewing performance in terms of offers efficiency and understand issues faced, if any5. Portfolio management Analyze customer segments to identify good & bad customers and take necessary actions for managing bounces frequency within threshold, making sure losses are within limit Track and manage risk metrices (such as current buck bounces, loss to AR, 12 months on books etc.) and provide overview of risk status to CRO on monthly basis Anticipate future problems / issues with portfolio and take actions to mitigate problems and drive a healthy portfolio|MAJOR CHALLENGES(Challenges faced on an on-going basis in carrying out the job) Score Card and Rule Based Paper Less underwriting process, pose high Fraud Risk and maintaining and managing sharper and agile controls is one of the Key Requirement for this role Significant geographical spread across 600 locations in both Urban and Rural expanse and need for policy and process differentiation for these locations5.  DECISIONS(Key decisions taken by job holder at his/her end)Following decisions are taken by the role:• Recommendations on offer efficiency Offer Management policies Recommending changes in policies and obtain buy in of business stakeholders6.  INTERACTIONS(Key working relationships a job holder needs to have INSIDE and OUTSIDE the company to accomplish the job)Internal ClientsRoles you need to interact with inside the organization to enable success in your day to day work • Credit Underwriting team: To ensure understanding of policies to be rolled out are consistent with UW guidelines• Sales: To resolve delinquencies, obtain feedback on location specific requirements • Collection branches: To visit for reviewing performance in terms of offers efficiencyExternal Clients Roles you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work Feedback from Channel Partners on Market Trend7.  DIMENSIONS(Key numerical data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning this job)Financial Dimensions(These should be quantifiable numerical amounts)Loan Loss: less than 1.8% of loss to AR Other Dimensions(Significant volume dimensions associated with the job) Total Team Size: 4 Number of Direct Reports: 0 Number of Indirect Reports: 0 Number of Professional Loan locations: 600  Number of products:
Required Qualifications and ExperienceSKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE(Minimum acceptable proficiency for this job which best indicates the education and/or experience requirements of this job and not the incumbent)Educational Qualificationsa) QualificationsCA/PostgraduateWork Experience1. 5 years of experience2. Experience of team management and stake-holders management 3. Knowledge of finance industry and experience in risk function

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Risk Management - Finance

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Min. 3 years

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