5 Best Cities for Job Opportunities in India

Confused about which city to choose to build your career with immense job opportunities? Then read about India's top 5 cities which are employment-friendly !!

When you start searching for a job, there are numerous factors that impact your decision. Often, a career-oriented person wants to work in a city with maximum opportunities for job, growth, exposure, long term planning, etc. If you are ready to move out from the comfort of your native city and venture out towards an exciting professional journey, it is important to know about the best cities that may help you fulfil your career goals. 

1. Bangalore

The first on the list is Bangalore, also known as the Silicon city of India. In the last few decades, Bangalore has emerged as India’s IT hub. Lakhs of people move to Bangalore every year to start their careers. The city offers ample job opportunities in tech companies, startups, MNCs, as well as big conglomerates. Bangalore is home to several fortune 500 companies and many big conglomerates are headquartered here. Thanks to the openness of this cosmopolitan city, it has become the favourite destination for startups. Think of any popular start-up and you will find it here. 

The city is distributed among 3 major industrial hubs: STPI, ITPB and Electronic city. In addition to massive career scope in IT, Healthcare, Finance, Food and Beverages and Automotives, the Bangalore all-year pleasant weather and its ultra-modern outlook make India’s Garden City highly favourable for young professionals and job seekers across the country. Also read Need a job in Bangalore within 48 hours? Try this

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2. Delhi-NCR 

Did you know that Delhi NCR is the world's second-largest urban area comprising prominent cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram and Noida? The lavish lifestyle of the people living here is what many dream of and this aspiration brings thousands of people from the smaller cities, towns, and villages of North India to build a future here!

This region, especially India’s capital, New Delhi attracts people from all parts of the country and houses many giant companies like Cognizant, Siemens, TCS, HP, HCL, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, Dell etc. It also has a massive number of Government offices. There are a lot of fresher jobs in Delhi-NCR in IT & ITes companies and are very favourable for fresh college graduates. Whether it’s technology, communication, media, manufacturing, or government sector jobs, this city has it all.  

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3. Mumbai

Also known as the City of Dreams or Mayanagari, Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It’s the epicentre of India’s stock market, big businesses, startups, Bollywood & TV industry and more. One can find jobs in healthcare, IT, BPO, textiles, logistics, restaurants and other service industries. There are all kinds of jobs for all rungs of society and with hard work and dedication, everyone can make a living in this fabulous global city. Even for the blue and grey collar skilled and semi-skilled job seekers, there are ample opportunities such as - driver, delivery boy, security guard, cook, electrician, housekeeping, admin, back office, nurse, caretaker, cleaner and much more. 

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4. Pune

Remember the gorgeous setting of the blockbuster Bajirao Mastani? Once the cultural capital of the great Marathas, Pune has evolved magnificently into one of the most sought after IT and education hubs of India. It has also become well-known as India's Motor City since a lot of internationally famous automobile companies have set up their offices and facilities in and around Pune. With a large number of educational institutions in the city, Pune witnesses thousands of fresh graduates each year and the city’s job market and infrastructure opens up opportunities for fresher jobs. If you are looking for fresher jobs in Pune, you will come across several openings as many companies hire in bulk here. Apart from this, you can find jobs in IT, ITes, manufacturing, e-commerce, automobiles, FMCG and startups which have recently established offices in Pune. 

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5. Hyderabad 

Hyderabad is the right combination of old-school attributes and a modern lifestyle. The city is a major IT hub of southern India, offering job opportunities in big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon etc. Hyderabad has the highest percentage of SEZs (Special Economic Zones) that offers immense scope to companies as well as the job seekers to grow. The startups also have a considerable presence here, just after Bangalore and Delhi. So one can easily find jobs in startups, pharmaceutical, IT and other companies. India’s biggest pharma company Dr Reddy’s is also headquartered over here. 

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