5 Tips to build an impressive Resume

A resume is the first thing which introduces you to the recruiter. Learn the top 5 tips to build an impressive resume & get shortlisted.

A resume is the first thing which introduces a candidate to the recruiter. Statistics show that on average, a recruiter spends 6 seconds to scan a resume and decide whether it is a 'selected' or a 'rejected' profile.

So, an impressive resume is your first step towards getting a job! Are you feeling worried about whether your resume will crack the first step of the job selection process or not? Don't worry.

Here are 5 simple tips to build a smart and impressive resume for your job search.

1.Clearly mention your name and contact details

Clearly mention your name and contact details- apna.co blog

This information should be on top of your resume as the recruiter will use these details and make a mental note. Your contact details should be up-to-date. You must mention your contact details in the given order :

  • First Name and  Last Name:  Kiran Sharma
  • Phone Number: 987- 654 - 3210
  • Email Address: kiran.s@xyz.com
  • Present Address: #21, JP Nagar 6th Phase, Bangalore, Karnataka

2. Keep the right keywords for your work profile

Keep the right keywords for your work profile- apna.co blog

Keywords help highlight your profile for a particular role. It makes your online profile become easily discoverable by HRs. Additionally, recruiters also use keywords to find and filter out resumes out of hundreds of applications that reach them for a particular position.

  • You must put keywords relevant to your field of work, responsibilities, strengths, skills etc.

For example, A marketing executive's resume should have the following keywords: marketing, strategy, customer acquisition, interpersonal skills, convincing techniques, building & maintaining relationships. These are the key skills and expertise that are critical for this position and HRs will search for resumes with such keywords.

  • Also, use such keywords at least twice in your resume. This helps in increasing the rank of your resume in search results on job portals.

3. Use a resume summary

Use a resume summary- apna.co blog

A resume summary is a simple 2-3 sentences which summarizes your career.

A good resume summary has the following elements:

  • Your job & years of experience: Android developer with 3 years of experience
  • 1 or 2 achievements/ core responsibilities: Specialized in technical support, problem-solving and maintenance
  • Desired goal: Looking for new opportunities as a Lead Engineer

4. Mention achievements wherever possible

Mention achievements wherever possible- apna.co blog

Your achievements, right from your high school, contribute significantly to building your career profile.

In addition to writing about achievements in a dedicated space, you can mention them in your word experience along with your responsibilities. For eg.

  • Helped  the company reduce manufacturing costs by 10%
  • Attained 20% growth in customer acquisition in 2nd quarter of 2019

Such professional statistics give higher credibility to your resume. Quantifying achievements like this help recruiters fathom your profile even better!

5. Never submit a resume without a thorough spelling and grammar check

Never submit a resume without a thorough spelling and grammar check- apna.co blog

A crisp, grammatically correct, and to-the-point resume builds a positive impression instantly. Make sure you run a spell check for typos -  these small mistakes can give an impression of irresponsibility on the part of the candidate. And you definitely don't want that!

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