Different ways to congratulate people at work

Learn how to congratulate your colleagues in a simple yet beautiful manner..

Occasions are a part of everybody’s life. Few occasions are bigger and memorable in our lives than the regular ones. People give and receive compliments on such remarkable occasions. However, there are many ways of congratulating and one can make it look special by trying something different from cliche ways.

You can find ready-made cards to convey the same but adding a few words on your own will make it look more appreciative and genuine. Read below to know about these special ways: 

Simple Congratulations

If you wish to congratulate by sending a card, the card itself says so much in the printed message. However, you can add your personal feelings by saying a few words on your own. 

Casual ones: 

  • “Congratulations..it’s time to celebrate !”
  • “Great news! Feeling delighted to hear that..”
  • “You did a great job. Proud of you!” 
  • “I knew you had a bright future.. Congrats!”  

Formal ones: 

  • “Heartfelt congratulations to you.”
  • “Congratulations on your well-deserved success.”
  • “Congrats and best wishes for a successful career/life ahead.” 
  • “Pleased to hear the great news..Congratulations!” 


If someone has done something remarkable, you can congratulate them by adding a compliment in the statement. This appreciation will give a feeling of recognition to one’s performance and shows that the person deserved it.  

Casual ones:

  • “You worked so hard for this. Congrats!” 
  • “You are always awesome. Way to go!”
  • “Congratulations to my closest friend..I knew you deserve it”
  • “It’s going amazing..touchwood and Congrats!”

Formal ones: 

  • “Glad to hear about your achievement.. Congratulations”
  • “Congratulations on your hard-earned success.”
  • “You have the creativity and right attitude to make anything possible. Words aren’t enough to express how I feel about your success.” 
  • “You inspire others to work harder and remind us that sacrifice and effort never go waste.”


A friend’s success is not only an opportunity to celebrate but also to encourage him/her and to look forward to future milestones. 

Casual ones:

  • “I feel this is just the beginning for you in the series of great achievements.” 
  • “Let’s celebrate this moment and wait for the next one to arrive soon.” 
  • “Congratulations on getting a job in your dream company. You will shine there too with your amazing performance.” 

Formal ones:

  •  “I’m sure you are ready to take up the biggest challenges to reach wherever you want. This is just the beginning boy/girl.”
  • “You have a lot of potential to grab the best opportunity out there. Don’t stop and keep your spirit high like this. Congrats!”
  • “Sending you heartfelt congratulations on this occasion and wishing you good luck for your next project.”

Congratulations without saying “Congratulations” 

4. Congratulations without saying “Congratulations” - apna.co blog

If the card you are using already says “congratulations”, you might get confused about what to write apart from it. Then you can add a few words to give it more voice and personal effect. You can simply use one of the short phrases grouped by the types below:

  • Adjectives: Awesome, Great, Impressive, Wonderful, Commendable etc. 
  • Claps: Applauses, Cheers, Bravo, Hats off to you
  • Exclamations: Wow, Hurray, Woo-hoo, Yay, Yippee
  • Job: Good job, Impressive work, Excellent job
  • Keep: Keep it up, Keep up the good work, Keep going 
  • Nice: Nice work, Nice one, Nicely done, Nice of you
  • Well: Well done, well deserved
  • You: You inspire me, You did it, You amaze me 

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