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15 Best Skills to Put on a Resume

Taking a flight to search for jobs in this highly competitive job market, a strong resume is your passport to job opportunities. But what makes a resume stand out from the crowd? It’s the skills that you build over time that make you a valuable asset to your potential employer. Whether you are a professional with years of experience or a fresher looking to start your career journey, knowing the art of selecting the right job skills is paramount.

This blog will take you on a journey to discover the 15 best skills to put on a resume. These skills are divided into soft skills and hard skills, along with examples that reflect your character and technical expertise. Let’s board on this flight of secrets to creating a winning resume that captures attention and swiftly lands the job of your dreams!

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills in Resume

On a resume, hard skills are technical abilities or industry-specific skills that require knowledge and qualifications. These skills are typically quantifiable and can be learned through training, education, and work experience. For example, programming languages, data analysis, coding, and project management.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are personal skills and qualities that do not require training. These are character traits and creative abilities of an individual that come naturally and help you adapt to a workplace. For example, communication, teamwork, and time management.

While hard skills demonstrate technical expertise and soft skills highlight your interpersonal strengths, both are important skills to include on a resume. These key skills are essential for achieving professional success and should be strategically incorporated into your resume to demonstrate that you are a capable and well-rounded candidate.

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Soft Skills Example – Best Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

Communication Skills

Effective communication is an important skill in any workplace to convey ideas clearly and collaborate with others effectively. This is a must-have skill for a job at all levels.

Leadership Skills

Leadership qualities help you foster a positive environment in a workplace. This skill set involves guiding and motivating a team to achieve common goals resulting in increased team productivity.

Time Management

Time management is a very important skill to have in the workplace. This job skill is an ability to prioritize and use time efficiently to meet specific deadlines and complete tasks to achieve goals. This skill helps you plan your work accordingly and to stay productive throughout the process. 


Problem-solving involves critical thinking, identifying problems and complex issues analyzing them, and implementing innovative solutions to overcome those challenges. 


Adaptability is a great skill to possess. It’s an ability to adjust and adapt to new situations, tasks, and work environments. Adding this skill to your resume will help your employer know that you can navigate between different projects and industries and that you can fit well with the workspace and culture.


This is a great skill to put on a resume. Employers are always on the lookout for a candidate who is an amazing team player. Teamwork involves collaborating with the team to achieve common goals and projects. A team player helps build a supportive work environment through active participation and idea-sharing.

Attention to Details

Giving out quality work is a required skill at any job. Attention to detail involves thoroughness and accuracy in tasks to ensure quality outcomes are achieved. 


An organization hunts for candidates who think out of the box, and can bring innovative ideas and creative solutions to the table, and therefore is a good skill to list on your resume.

Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are the ability to multitask and manage competing priorities effectively, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased productivity.

Hard Skills Examples – Best Hard Skills to Put on Your Resume

Technical Proficiency

Being well-versed with a diverse range of technical tools and software adds significant value and strength to your resume. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and project management platforms such as Asana and Trello are just a few examples of essential technical skills. These tools can help you work more efficiently and show that you can easily adjust to different technology setups.

Data Analysis

Employers seek candidates who possess a solid aptitude for analyzing data metrics, recognizing industry trends, and discovering patterns and insights that guide business choices. Having expertise in data analysis tools and methodologies is an extremely valuable hard skill to showcase on your resume.

Project Management

Project management is a hard skill that allows you to plan, implement, and manage projects from start to finish, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. Showcasing this skill on your resume proves your capability to manage complicated tasks, collaborate with colleagues, and juggle various projects simultaneously.

Marketing Strategy

If you like attracting customers and promoting products and services then marketing strategy is the best skill to put on a resume.

Programming Language

If you are proficient in programming languages such as Python, java, and C++ and possess experience in developing software applications and websites then adding this hard skill to your resume can significantly enhance your candidacy.

Language Proficiency

Knowing multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, or any other Indian regional language shows that you are culturally aware, adaptable, and can connect with people from various backgrounds. Being fluent in different languages can be advantageous in the business world.


Now that you’ve had a quick look at these resume skills, it’s time to customize your resume to match the job you’re applying for. By incorporating these skills effectively, you can boost your chances of landing your dream job. Make sure to showcase your top skills and accomplishments to stand out as a top candidate in the eyes of recruiters.

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