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7 robust reasons to build a professional network

what is professional networking

Social networking is a common phenomenon and most millennials are very familiar with it. But have you heard about professional networking? 

What is a professional network? 

A professional network is a network focused on your individual professional goals where you connect with people primarily for information, updates, trends, and news related to your professional arena. Some feel that networking is one of the biggest contributors to career growth. It is a new-age tool to move ahead in your career.

Why is this professional network important for you?

If you are serious about your career, then you shouldn’t ignore networking opportunities in your career. Professional connections are made to forge a symbiotic relationship professionally. It is relatively a more trusted network than social media, as it is restricted to work – and very few people would want to take it lightly! Professional networking can lead to fast jobs with the help of referrals and vacancy updates from people among your connections.

The more you grow your network, the more you can learn, hone, and sharpen your skills and gallop ahead in your career, therefore this is why networking is needed for your professional career. 

Here are the top reasons why networking is important. Read to learn how to improve your networking skills today.

1. Get noticed as a professionalProfessional networking

Professional networking provides better visibility for your professional profile, both within your organization and to a wider audience outside as well. You can highlight your key skills and share your work portfolio, opportunities that may not be possible to include in your resume. Start networking with people today to grow your career prospects.

You can also display your soft skills in this work network and build credibility around your brand building!

2. Open the avenues for newer opportunities

While networking with people, a lot of connections on the hiring side take notice of you and this increases your chances of exploring exciting career opportunities. 

If you can successfully build a strong professional network, you will be able to receive first-hand information about new vacancies and make way for a fast job search. 

3. Reassess your position as a professional

An unbiased comparison of people, roles, and designations helps in identifying where you stand in terms of your current status as a professional for a particular position. This underlines why networking is important, as it allows you to gain insights and perspectives from diverse professionals in similar roles.

There is better awareness about the job market and you can always leverage this information to your advantage. You can reassess your qualifications and skills to match the requirements for the position where you aspire to be!

4. Gain knowledge & career insights 

Knowledge is an unlimited wealth! Networking is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and learn new practices, techniques, and trends in the industry. You can remain updated about new developments in your field of expertise through your connections. This highlights why networking is needed, as it facilitates continuous learning and professional growth.

A good way to do this is to:

  • Read articles written or shared by your connections. 
  • Share your knowledge and engage in conversations to know others’ point of view
  • Share your professional opinions with others
  • Get more involved with what is happening in your field of interest globally

5. Boost your self-confidence

Self confidence

“Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, the magic starts happening” and your professional network can help build your self-esteem with words of appreciation, acknowledging your professional acumen, and inspiring you to be better with new skill developments.  While your social network can comfort you emotionally, your professional connections can support your work goals!

6. Find fresh ideas

Having a mental block at work? Feel free to turn to your professional network for new novel ideas. Best practices, tips, trivia, and ideas from a variety of sources can be applied in your work or business for the best results. Organizations and businesses are continuously innovating, and a strong professional network can keep you updated on these path-breaking inventions. Learn how to build networking skills to boost these opportunities and enhance your professional growth.

7. Strengthen your professional image

There is a famous saying by the actress, Heather Dubrow “You are known by the company you keep” – This is also true for the connections and network you build.

  • Your professional image is more often than not linked to the size of your network as it reflects the strength of your connections which may include senior professionals, industry experts, and experienced people in your industry. 
  • This network status also creates a positive perception about you in the minds of those who come across your profile. This perception can lead to an increased chance of success in interviews, in your work, and your interaction with people of great repute! 

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