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A Complete Guide to the Hiring Process with Apna

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Are you hiring? Looking for a hiring partner? Want to know the latest trends in hiring? Don’t worry !! Now apna is here to provide you with all the information and solve all your hiring problems at a single platform. apna helps you in hiring and closing any vacant position (especially for blue-collar, grey-collar collar & entry-level white-collar jobs) through the latest useful information and the most user-friendly job search platform. It provides you with a pool of over 1.5 million skilled and semi-skilled candidates who are actively looking for jobs.

Here is a complete guideline about the latest trends, tips, procedures, apna and its services, and what all you need to learn for efficient and effective hiring to get the best results:

The most important things to consider before choosing your hiring partner

Choosing a hiring partner is a very important decision in your recruitment strategy. Read here to know what the 7 most important factors you need to consider before choosing your hiring partner so that you get the maximum benefit from your association with them. Click here to read the full blog !!

2. How to hire talented & skilled candidates for the company?

Finding a candidate is easy but finding a talented and skilled candidate isn’t that easy. Read more to know how to plan, communicate, find your right hiring partner, check the compatibility of the candidate, and the benefits of connecting with the ex-employees. Click here to read the full blog !!

3. Impact of technology in recruitment and selection

The new era is of technology and digitalization. Then it’s not wrong to say that it has changed the way hiring used to take place. Read more to know how technology has changed the recruitment & selection process across the world, the benefits of using technology in these processes, the use of HR metrics & analytics, the popular recruitment tools, and which technology is used for providing hiring solutions. Click here to read the full blog !!

4. Interview process in Covid-19

COVID has impacted the HR processes everywhere. So the way of conducting the interviews has changed now and almost all steps in the selection process are now done online. Read here to know what are the latest trends in the interview process during and post-COVID-19 lockdown. Click here to read the full blog !!

5. What apna does for employers?

What apna does for employers?- apna.co blog

There are a lot of special features in apna which makes it different from other job portal websites. Our proven track record of closing a position within 72 hours is enough to show how easy, quick, and efficient our platform is. Read more to know what kind of platform apna is and what services we offer to employers. Click here to read the full blog !!

6. How to hire through apna?

Hiring through Apna is much easier than doing the same on any other portal. You will get to know how to register, how to post jobs, and how to check the applicants on the apna website. Click here to read the full blog !!

7. Tips for hiring in 2020

Even recruitment needs a plan !! Read more to know about how to plan the recruitment process, how to make a good Job Description, how to filter the applicants, tips for asking questions in interviews, and a lot of other useful tips. Click here to read the full blog !!

So don’t wait anymore and visit the apna website to start your hiring process now.

Happy Hiring !!

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