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    Recommendations from Isha, your Job Search Assistant

    Get hired faster with AI-powered matching

    Quick and guaranteed HR feedback

    Option to withdraw or report a job application

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    Aditi Prasad

    Beautician /Hair Stylist Group

    What is the salary range for beauticians in Mumbai and nearby areas?

    4 answers

    Ankit Chaudhary

    Telecaller Group

    what is the salary range for telecaller in Mumbai and nearby area for overtime?

    7 answers

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    3 crore+ happy job seekers

    "For digital marketing role, I was getting jobs in other cities but not in my hometown, Hyderabad. Using Apna app, I spoke to the HR directly and scheduled my interview that helped me in getting a job in my hometown"

    Rohith Kumar


    "Thanks Apna for helping me find a job without much hassle. If you are a fresher or a skilled person with expert knowledge in a specific field, you can easily find a job through the Apna app."

    "This app is very helpful if you are looking for a job and the team is also very supportive and friendly. They guided me through every stage. It is very easy to find a job on Apna because there are a lot of job options here for everyone. I got a job interview call very quickly after applying."

    "It is definitely a great app with correct and true information on the job details. I am happy to use it and I would also recommend my friends to use it for their career development."

    "Good and helpful app, even for freshers who don't have good qualifications. There are jobs for Caretakers, Househelp and many more. It's very easy to find jobs here. Thank you, Apna app!"



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      Frequently asked questions

      What is the use of Apna app?

      Apna is India’s #1 Professional platform that connects job seekers with employers. It helps job seekers to apply for jobs & talk to the corresponding HRs of the companies directly and vice versa.

      Is Apna app real?

      Apna app is 100% genuine and has 0% tolerance towards fake employers and job seekers who create ruckus and cause problems to others.

      How do I get a job using Apna app?

      It is simple to find jobs on Apna app. Follow these steps to get a job using Apna app
      1. Download Apna app from Google Play Store.
      2. Log in using your phone number and complete your profile.
      3. Select the job categories that match your skills.
      4. Find the job of your choice and apply.
      5. Call HR to schedule an interview.

      How can an employer post a job on Apna?

      You can post a job on Apna in 4 steps:
      1. Register/Login with your mobile number at
      2. Click on Post a Job and enter basic job details.
      3. Add requirements from candidates and interview information.
      4. Agree to apna’s employer code of conduct and click on Finish and post.

      What type of jobs are present on Apna?

      Apart from full time jobs, Apna platform helps job seekers to find the jobs specific to their requirements. The platform has dedicated set of jobs for those looking for work from home jobs, freshers’ jobs, part-time jobs, women jobs, night shift jobs.

      In how many cities is Apna app present?

      Presently, Apna app is live in 74 cities. It is available in all the top cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Surat.

      For which categories can a job seeker apply?

      On Apna app, job seekers can apply for 70+ categories and top categories are Telecaller / BPO, Computer Operator, Delivery, Business Development, Back Office jobs.

      Can users earn money from Apna app?

      Yes, by applying the jobs present on Apna app. Apna app doesn’t provide jobs directly but helps the job seekers to apply for jobs across the top cities in India

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