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Delivery Associate
A & F Venturez
 ₹21,000 - ₹60,000
 Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Delivery Boy
Lalita Soni
 Rajaji Nagar
 ₹52,000 - ₹58,000
 Night shift  Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Delivery Boy Biker
Lalita Soni
 ₹52,000 - ₹56,500
 Night shift  Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Delivery Boy
Lalita Soni
 Hosakote High School
 ₹52,000 - ₹56,500
 Night shift  Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Delivery Boy Biker
Lalita Soni
 ₹48,000 - ₹56,000
 Night shift Full time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Delivery Executive
Lalita Soni
 ₹40,000 - ₹52,000
 Night shift  Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Food Delivery Biker
Lalita Soni
 Mahadevapura Cross
 ₹40,000 - ₹55,000
 Night shift  Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
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Find the perfect Delivery Person job near you

Delivery persons are a crucial part of the functioning of every industry. It is hard to imagine living without their services in today’s day and age. We live in times where we can order each and every item of our need and want to be delivered to our doorsteps within a few hours, or minutes even. There are openings for hiring delivery persons across industries and platforms, be it a big e-commerce giant or a small logistics start-up. With certain skills and decent experience, you can get great delivery boy jobs in the locality near you. If you are on a job search for such roles, read on for some helpful information in this regard.

What skills must you develop before applying for a delivery person job vacancy?

If you want to get a good Delivery person job, there are a few things you should keep in mind and be aware of the most important qualifications that any company is looking for. Being a good driver with a valid driver's license is, of course, a prerequisite for applying for a new delivery boy job. Aside from that, your company will need you to be familiar with traffic rules and the road network in the city you intend to work in because both efficient work and employee safety are equally crucial. You should be alert, have good time management skills, and be able to estimate distances and the abilities of other drivers.

Aside from these, a delivery service career entails giving your customers the greatest possible service and being able to connect with them effectively. They must have a thorough awareness of the city's road layout and be adept in the use of GPS equipment.

What are the various industries offering delivery boy jobs?

You can work as a delivery service agent in a number of different fields. It could be Pizza Delivery jobs, jobs in a logistics company, working for e-commerce sites, food delivery services, as well as start-ups delivering grocery and other items. The list of places where delivery services are needed is endless. You might get great opportunities in multiple industries and you can choose the best delivery boy job according to your convenience.

The average pay for Delivery Person jobs in India ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹40,000 per month, based on your skills and qualifications.

What are the top companies hiring for Delivery Person jobs?

Some of the major companies with vacancies for delivery boy jobs are -

What are the major places where you should expand your delivery boy job search?

While the need for delivery services persists in all the major cities of India, the top of this list includes the following job locations and places where you can get great delivery person job opportunities.

  • Agra
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Mumbai
  • Thane
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi

How to search for and get a delivery person job?

Searching online for a delivery person job can be a very smooth experience where you can find hundreds of opportunities with a single click.

Building connections and joining online portals and forums is a great way to come across great job opportunities that you might otherwise miss out on.

If you are looking for delivery person jobs in India, the Apna app is the easiest and fastest way to find and apply to the latest job openings in the city.

To find the best delivery person job vacancies follow these few simple steps-

  • Download the Apna app on your smartphone.
  • Create your profile in 2 mins, which will serve as your professional card. It can also be considered a mini-resume.
  • Select your preferred job location
  • Start applying to delivery person Job vacancies

Apply for Delivery Person jobs by installing the Apna app and call HR directly.

Apna is fast, easy, and effective - It’s your one-stop solution for jobs, skill development, professional networking, and other facets of career development that are quick, simple, and successful.

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