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56 Jobs in Gwalior
Delivery Boy Biker
Ever Staffing Service
 ₹35,000 - ₹43,000
 Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Team Leader
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
 Gwalior (Work from home)
 ₹19,000 - ₹52,000
 Full time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Graphic Designer
PC Care Technologies
 ₹15,000 - ₹30,000
 Full time  No test required  Min. 2 Years
Sales & Marketing Executive
Modi Cables And Wires Limited
 ₹30,000 - ₹90,000
 Full time  No test required  Freshers can apply
Retail Partner
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
 Gwalior (Work from home)
 ₹19,000 - ₹72,000
 Full time  No test required  Freshers can apply
News Anchor
Lazyman Consultancy Opc
 Gohad Road
 ₹10,000 - ₹60,000
 Full time  No test required  Min. 1 Years
Field Executive
Kaushik Distributor
 ₹25,500 - ₹40,500
 Part time  No test required  Freshers can apply
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Frequently asked questions

How can I find a job in Gwalior?

You can find a job in Gwalior in less than 24 hours using a job searching app. With the advancement of internet in India, you just need a smartphone to get the desired job in Gwalior city. You can create your profile on the Apna app & apply to 1,000+ jobs in Gwalior.

What types of jobs are available in Gwalior?

There are many job vacancies available in Gwalior for all freshers, 10th pass, 12th pass candidates. You can get full-time, part-time, work from home, night-shift jobs in Gwalior according to your preference, skill sets and qualification.

How can I get a good job as a fresher in Gwalior?

Most online platforms such as Apna, provide thousands of job opportunities for freshers in Gwalior across various categories. After creating your profile on the Apna app, you can find 1000+ fresher jobs in Gwalior city according to your preferences and your skill sets.

In Gwalior city, which places have the highest number of jobs?

The Gwalior offers jobs in corporate, MNCs, SMEs across the city. The most popular job localities in Gwalior city are:

  1. Tulsi Vihar Colony
  2. City Centre Extension
  3. Lashkar
  4. Dabra
  5. Morar

Which are the top hiring companies in Gwalior?

You can find jobs in various companies across multiple industries in Gwalior. Top companies that are hiring in Gwalior city are:

  1. Socialseo Solutions
  2. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
  3. Pc Care Technologies
  4. M/S Accurate Marketing
  5. Talent Scope

How can I apply for jobs in Gwalior using Apna?

It is simple to find jobs on Apna app for Gwalior city. Follow these steps to get a job using Apna app.

  1. Download the Apna app from Google Play Store
  2. Log in using your phone number, complete your profile, and select city as Gwalior
  3. Select the job categories that match your skills
  4. Find the job of your choice and apply
  5. Call HR to schedule an interview

Jobs in Gwalior: Explore the latest openings and job vacancies

One of the most beautiful cities of Madhya Pradesh in India, Gwalior is very famous for its marvelous palaces, old temples, and medieval fort. Being the birthplace of the great musician Tansen, the city is also highlighted for its majestic history and rich cultural heritage. Known as the fort city, the huge hill fort of Gwalior was earlier served as the seat of various northern Indian kingdoms.

Gwalior has been an important economic district of Madhya Pradesh for centuries with kings and rulers targeting the district for its riches. Traditionally the city was mainly revered for the fort which offered protection from invasions and the district's main economic driver was agricultural produce. The region is popular for the production of several crops and food grain as well as dairy products with many farmers specializing in certain forms of agriculture over the years. Today the economy is driver by agriculture as well as manufacturing sectors.

Despite its modern appearance, the city maintains its history and culture. Gwalior supports small and medium-sized industry units that manufacture textiles, agriculture processing, rubber and tyre manufacturing, railway springs, and transformer components. Leather, papier mache, and wooden furniture are also prominent artisanal activities in the city.  Depending on your experience and skill set, you can choose from the best jobs in Gwalior. Like most prominent cities, freshers and experienced professionals can find different jobs in Gwalior.

Read on to know more about Gwalior’s career options.

What are the latest job openings in Gwalior in 2022?

Gwalior is an economically vibrant city with the people always open to the prospectus of setting up new ventures with the hope of generating more income. Gwalior has long been hopeful about becoming economically secure and self-sufficient, making it a major economic player in Madhya Pradesh. The rapid growth of several industries and the city's overall economic condition are expected to contribute to job opportunities in 2022.

Part-time job opportunities in Gwalior  include:

  • Teacher
  • Telecaller
  • Insurance Agent
  • Delivery Partners
  • Sales and Marketing Executive

Housewives and students seeking to support their families should seek out jobs like these. Part-time jobs in Gwalior are available for women in a variety of fields, such as HR Admin, Back Office Executive, Receptionist, Beautician, Insurance Sales Executive, BPO Telecaller, Office Assistant, Telesales, Recruiter, Counsellor, and much more.

There are also various 10th pass jobs and 12th pass jobs in Gwalior for skilled and unskilled labour. Delivery partners, logistics agents, data entry operators, hospitality personnel, and technicians are just a few examples of common and easily available jobs.

What are the best job vacancies in Gwalior?

Gwalior is not just a city with one industry. Several industries are on the rise and are growing rapidly. The transport industry employs a large number of people. Drivers, vehicle serve mechanics and loading crews among others all depend on the transport industry for a living. As one of the popular tourist destinations Gwalior also sees a large number of tourists visiting the Gwalior fort from the state and country as a whole bringing in a plethora of jobs in the city.

The following are a few popular job openings in Gwalior :

  • Delivery Person
  • Sales (fieldwork)
  • Driver
  • Business Development
  • Driver
  • Beautician / Hair Stylist
  • Software / Web Developer
  • Accounts / Finance

In addition to the roles listed above. Other career options are also available to job seekers at Gwalior such as office assistant, back office manager, cashier, corporate marketing, interior designer, administrative assistant, storekeeper to name a few.

Which are the popular companies hiring in Gwalior?

The city of Gwalior is experiencing rapid change and is becoming a hub for several new companies. If you're seeking work in Gwalior, you may focus your search on industries that meet your qualifications and skills. 

The following are the most popular companies offering private jobs in  Gwalior are :

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Amazon 
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Wipro
  •  Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • BYJU’s
  • IBM
  • Tech Mahindra

Companies in Gwalior are looking to hire workers in a variety of fields, including IT, finance, marketing, and retail. IT is one of the most popular fields. Many IT organisations in Gwalior are continuously on the lookout for new staff like you. Gwalior also has some of the leading manufacturing industries from dairy, chemical, manufacturing, textiles, etc.

Which are the popular localities with job openings in Gwalior?

Gwalior is a major trade and commercial centre. The city is the junction point for two major highways namely the NH 43 and NH47 highways. It also serves as a significant rail junction, transforming the city into a major transportation hub. Existing industrial areas are said to have aided in the development of Gwalior's industry.

There are many localities in Gwalior that offer job opportunities.

Some of the  best localities to find a job in Gwalior are: 

  • Lashkar
  • City Centre Extension
  • Ajaypur
  • Adupura Khalsa
  • Morar
  • Adupurajagir
  • Akbarpur
  • Anand Nagar
  • Agrabhatpura
  • Alinagar
  • Deen Dayal Nagar

What are some popular work from home jobs options in Gwalior?

Working from home is a fantastic way to earn money while being at home. It also allows you to set your own schedule and do what you enjoy. With so many individuals working remotely as a result of the recent pandemic, it's no surprise that there are many work from home jobs in Gwalior.

The most popular types of work from home jobs in Gwalior  include

  • BPO
  • HR
  • Customer Service
  • Telecaller
  • Marketing Executive
  • Tele-sales
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Online tutor

Thanks to the internet, many people can now work from home. Women can now maintain a good work-life balance and work at their leisure thanks to the availability of these types of professions.

How to start searching and applying for jobs in Gwalior?

The Apna app is the easiest and most efficient way to find work in Gwalior. Use Apna to find and apply for the latest job openings in Gwalior. For 10th pass, 12th pass, freshers, and experienced persons, there are jobs in more than 70 categories available on the app.

To find a job vacancy in Gwalior  follow these few simple steps

  • Download the Apna app from the Google Play store
  • In two minutes, you can create your profile, which serves as your professional card. Think of it as your mini-resume.
  • Select your preferred job location
  • Start applying to jobs in Gwalior.

Apna is fast, easy, and effective, It’s your one-stop solution for jobs, skill development, professional networking, and all other aspects of career building.

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