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Interesting Innovations Transforming Recruitment: Unveiling apna.co’s Latest Updates

As we step into the ever-evolving world of recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is essential for HR professionals and recruiters. The job market is dynamic, and to be successful in connecting with the right talent, you need the right tools at your disposal. apna.co, a leading hiring platform for job seekers and recruiters, has rolled out several groundbreaking innovations to make the recruitment process more efficient and effective in 2024.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of these innovations, shedding light on how they can revolutionize your recruitment strategy.

Instant Resume Generation for Profiles without CV on apnaDatabase

Understanding the Problem:

Recruiters are a diverse bunch, and some prefer CVs mainly for formality, especially in specific industries like BFSI. However, a significant number of profiles on our database product, apnaDatabase don’t include CVs. This discrepancy is partly because of the CV enrichment on the platform, which stands at a modest 12%, or 4.5 million out of 36.9 million profiles. As a result, as soon as the recruiters select the “show candidates with CV” filter, about 88% of leads end up getting filtered out. This could mean that some potentially relevant candidates might be excluded.

The Innovative Solution:

To address these issues, apna.co revisited an old feature – the ‘apnaResume.’ Initially, this feature was deprecated from the candidate app to encourage users to upload their actual CVs since that way recruiters perceive them as more serious. Moreover, CVs serve as a source of truth, allowing recruiters to cross-check profile information.

Candidate's CV Created from His Profile using apnaResume
Candidate’s CV Created from His Profile using apnaResume

However, recognizing the need to cater to recruiters who require resumes merely for lead processing without undermining the experience for those who value candidate-uploaded CVs, apna.co decided to repurpose this deprecated feature. This was achieved in the following manner: 

  • Contextual Feature Education – Alongside the usage of the CV attached filter
  • Ingress Point for Resume Generation – Accessible once the extended profile is viewed
  • Updated Resume Template – Clearly indicating that the resume is generated by apna

Introducing Area Filter on apnaDatabase

Understanding the Problem:

In a world where proximity is a critical factor in hiring, the ability to filter candidates based on their location is a game-changer. However, the challenge lay in the accuracy and reliability of the location data available on apna.co. The platform’s existing data was pieced together from various sources, including bus stops, post offices, and district/taluka data. Over time, this started resulting in inaccuracies and customer complaints.

The Innovative Solution:

  • Procuring Quality Location Data – apna invested in high-quality location data to replace the outdated, inaccurate sources. Partnering with NextBillion, we ensured accurate mapping data across various Indian cities (including tier 2 & 3) and areas.
  • Data Cleanup – Next, all available data was migrated to NextBillion. The overhaul required the creation of migration logics, manual data cleanup, creating cluster cities, and the resolution of numerous edge cases where users were previously mapped incorrectly. 
  • Creating Filters: The cleaned data is now accessible through a user-friendly interface on the apnaDatabase, allowing recruiters to search for candidates within specific areas, such as 5, 10, or 25 kilometers.

Update for Low FF Nudges & Recommendations

The Objective:

A significant challenge for recruiters on apna.co revolved around job postings with low freshness factor (FF). apna recognized this and set out to provide solutions. The goal was to enhance the experience for recruiters dealing with low FF jobs and to boost the effectiveness of these job postings.

The Approach:

  • Identifying Low FF Jobs –  Jobs with fewer than a pre-decided number of leads per day are categorized as low FF. These were the jobs that needed attention. 
  • Product Nudges – Nudges are displayed on job listings and the ECC for these jobs. These prompts appear on the second day of activation and disappear if FF/day increases. They suggest relaxing job criteria or increasing job attractiveness.
  • Communications – Users who still didn’t update their jobs based on these recommendations continued to receive communications on Day 2.
Product Nudges were used to Boost Low FF jobs
Some Examples of Low FF Product Nudges

The Impact:

  • FF Impact – Jobs edited based on recommendations saw a remarkable 23% increase in leads per job, significantly improving outcomes.
  • Adoption – The end-to-end adoption from nudge to job update remained approximately 10.18%. Users with lower FF proved more likely to adopt the recommendations.

Update for Location Radius (PPJ Model)

The Objective:

Recruiters often faced challenges related to location preferences in the Pay Per Job (PPJ) model, and apna.co aimed to address these concerns. They sought to give recruiters the ability to specify their preferred application radius, an important factor when choosing candidates.

What Changed:

  • Recruiter Job Post – Recruiters can now specify their preferred application radius, along with setting expectations.
  • Candidate Preferences – Applications outside the specified radius are considered less preferable & are subsequently deprioritized for PPJ jobs. Such candidates won’t be allowed to call the recruiter and will not be marked as priority candidates for jobs.

In conclusion, apna.co’s recent product updates bring a wave of innovation, making the recruitment process more efficient and user-friendly for HR professionals. With these new features, apna.co is shaping the future of recruitment. Stay ahead of the curve and leverage these innovations to find the perfect candidates for your job mandates. To know more about apna.co, please get in touch with us here.

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