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What are the best part-time jobs in Hyderabad?

Part-time jobs are becoming more available across various areas due to the pandemic and the shift to remote working systems. Most people looking for part-time work want to work from home in their spare time.  With the Internet and the digital age infiltrating our professional and personal lives, looking for part-time jobs has become a far more common occurrence. If you have access to the internet, you may not even need to work in an office to find part-time work.

Working from home part-time is a great way to augment your income. To increase your income, several part-time offline and online jobs are available. Part-time jobs range from half-day to 2-3 hour jobs.

Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad

The old city and the Hi-Tech city (Cyberabad) coexist in Hyderabad, resulting in a fantastic blend of history and contemporary. It has been voted India’s greatest city to live and work in. Among the 34 cities surveyed for the ranking, Hyderabad was the most popular among job searchers, beating out Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai.

Business analyst, phlebotomist, marketing executive, insurance advisor, tutor, helper, web developer, telecaller, fitness trainer, delivery executives, data entry executives, digital marketers, content writers/editors, and other part-time jobs are all available in Hyderabad.

A candidate can choose a suitable fit from the listings at a trusted job portal and apply. 

Here are Some of the Best Part-Time Jobs in Hyderabad City

1.BPO/Telecaller Assistant 

Expected income– INR 8 – 20K/Month

Common qualification required – 12th Pass 

Other skills required– Communication skills, Language proficiency 

Industry of employment– BPO’s (IT) 

2. Driver

Expected income – INR 15 – 35K/Month

Common qualification required – 10th, 12th Pass

Other skills required – Safe Driving, Communication skills

Industry of employment – Transportation Mobility

3. Teacher

Expected income – INR 10 – 25K/Month

Common qualification required – Bachelor Degree 

Other skills required – Computer knowledge, subject knowledge, excellent command of English.

Industry of employment – Education and learning 

4. Digital Marketing

Expected income – INR 10 – 30K/Month

Common qualification required – 12th Pass, Graduate

Other skills required – Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, SMO

Industry of employment – Internet & others

5. Sales and Marketing Executive 

Expected income – INR 20 – 40K/Month

Common qualification required – 12th Pass 

Other skills required– Communication skills, language proficiency, counseling, and persuasiveness.

Industry of employment – Retail, showrooms, Independent product companies, and e-commerce 

6. Delivery Person

Expected income – INR 15-40K/Month

Common qualification required – 10th/12th Pass. 

Other skills required – Safe Driving, Communication skills

Industry of employment –  Courier and Delivery Services

7. Content Writer

Expected income – INR 10 – 35K/Month

Common qualification required – 12th Pass/ skill-based 

Other skills required– Illustration. Creative writing, design thinking, software and web app development (respective to the field of choice)

Industry of employment – Varied industries/ Self-employed 

8. Fitness Training

Expected income – INR 10 – 20K/Month

Common qualification required – 12th pass/ Associate Degree

Other skills required – Knowledge of postures, exercise, diet planning, client dealing, and conversational English

Industry of employment – Lifestyle and fitness 

9. Human Resources

Expected income – INR 10 – 15K/Month

Common qualification required – Bachelor’s Degree

Other skills required – People skills, English, hiring, mathematics

Industry of employment – Varied industries

10. Counseling

Expected income – INR 10 – 15K/Month 

Common qualification required – Bachelor Degree  

Other skills required – Career counseling, good English, convincing abilities.

Industry of employment – Education and learning

Apart from this, there are many other part-time jobs in Hyderabad. A candidate suitable to the required profile can apply for these roles through any trusted job portal. Part-time jobs in Hyderabad can be a sensible option for people looking to create some additional income.


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