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How to Answer “What is Your Current Notice Period?”- With Best Examples

How to Answer What is Your Notice Period?

Have you ever been questioned, “What is your notice period?” during a Job interview or an initial screening call? Recruiters commonly pose this query, and while it may seem straightforward, how you respond significantly impacts the interviewer’s perception of your professionalism and readiness.

Therefore, this blog will take you through everything you need to know about this most asked interview question: “What is the notice period in your current company?”

In this blog, we will explore the meaning of notice period and strategies for answering notice period questions. Additionally, we’ll provide sample answers to help you navigate this question with confidence.

What is a Notice Period?

Before we delve into crafting the best response, it’s essential to understand what the notice period means. 

A notice period is the duration of time between an employee’s resignation and their last day at work. It serves as a smooth transition for both the employee and the employer. During this period, the employee works on the completion of pending tasks, and handover responsibilities.

Why Employers Ask – “What is Your Notice Period”?

Employers often ask this question to learn about your availability and commitment to your current job role. It helps them assess how soon you would be able to join the organization if offered the position. With the help of your answer, they seek clarity and transparency aligning with their hiring needs. Additionally, they also mark you on your professionalism while responding to this question.

Tips to Remember While Answering “What is the Notice Period in your Current Company”?

Common interview questions

Here are a few quick pointers to help you answer the notice period question with professionalism: 

  • Be honest and transparent about your notice period.
  • Maintain a professional tone in your response.
  • Make sure to express your enthusiasm for the opportunity while acknowledging your current commitments. 
  • Adjust your answer based on your unique circumstances and be confident.

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Examples of How to Answer Notice Period Questions

Sample 1: Standard Notice Period

Interviewer: What is your notice period?

Candidate: My current notice period is one month, as outlined in my employment contract. I believe this time frame allows for a smooth transition both for my current employer and for me. During this period, I am committed to fulfilling my duties and ensuring that all ongoing projects are handed over effectively. I will be available to start a new position once I have completed my notice period.

Sample 2: Extended Notice Period

Interviewer: What is the notice period in your current company?

Candidate: In my current role, I have an extended notice period of three months due to the seniority of my position and the critical nature of the projects I’m involved in. While this may seem lengthy, it reflects the level of responsibility I hold within the organization. However, I’m open to discussing potential alternatives with my current employer if necessary. I understand the importance of a smooth transition, and I’m committed to ensuring that all loose ends are tied up before my departure.

Sample 3: Immediate Availability

Interviewer: What is your notice period?

Candidate: I’m pleased to say that I don’t have a notice period as I’ve already completed my responsibilities in my current role. Having ensured a seamless transition of my duties, I’m ready to take on a new challenge immediately. This immediate availability allows me to bring my skills and expertise to your team without delay.

Sample 4: Negotiable Notice Period

Interviewer: What is the notice period in your current company?

Candidate: Currently, my notice period is two weeks, which is standard for my industry. However, I’m willing to negotiate this with my current employer depending on the circumstances. My priority is to ensure a smooth transition for my team and projects. I’m committed to facilitating this transition in a way that minimizes disruption to operations while still allowing me to explore new opportunities.

Sample 5: Contractual Notice Period

Interviewer: What is your notice period?

Candidate: As per my contract, I have a 90-day notice period. This reflects the importance of a smooth transition for my current employer and any potential new role. I’m committed to fulfilling my duties during this time. While it may seem lengthy, I’m open to discussing options to ensure a seamless transition.


Professionally answering this question is an opportunity for you to highlight your readiness and commitment to your potential employers. By maintaining clarity and transparency and following these tips and sample answers you can now leave a positive impression during your interview process.

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