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Top Career Options for Freshers Entering the Job Market

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A vast number of students in India feel flustered when it comes to choosing their career option right after the completion of formal education. If you are looking for a job in India that will provide you with security and job satisfaction, read on to learn how to prepare and choose the right career path as a fresher.

1. Start applying for Government jobs 

Government jobs in India are one of the most attractive options for a fresher. Every year lakhs of entry-level government vacancies open up. There are specific examinations conducted to be selected for these jobs. Since there is a massive number of candidates appearing for these exams, it is best to start preparations early on. Landing a government job can be highly beneficial for your career.

A few attractive advantages of a Government Job:

  • You get numerous facilities in terms of housing, pension, and other benefits
  • Job security
  • It empowers you to contribute and bring change in the government’s operative system directly
  • Government officials garner a strong sense of respect

2. Look for promising openings in the private sector 

Today, with a growing number of MNCs, Conglomerates, and Startups making their way to Indian cities, there is a huge need for employees in the private sector. 

Both freshers and experienced professionals can make a place for themselves in the corporate job market and hard work, skill, and dedication can make it to the higher rungs of the corporate ladder relatively sooner.  

A few strong advantages of working in the private sector:

  • It offers immense opportunities in terms of job options 
  • Growth prospects are maximum in this sector
  • Fresher hiring is an important part of corporate recruitment
  • It is easy to switch from one job to another based on the opportunities and growth offered by the organizations

3. Get started on your entrepreneurial journey

If you have an entrepreneurial bent of mind to do something on your own, it is best to start early – It is easier to learn the tricks of the trade early in your professional journey so that you can become a seasoned entrepreneur by the time you are in the prime of your life. Connect and interact with like-minded people and discuss your business idea. Learn about funding, running a business, operations, finance, and innovation to start your own business.        

This is a great option for those individuals who want to work independently and run the show on their terms. Read “How to become independent & start your business” for more information on this point.

A few unique advantages of entrepreneurship:

  • Gives greater autonomy and flexibility 
  • You can choose the line of business for your venture
  • Higher returns and indefinite growth 
  • Lots of opportunities for innovation and creativity
  • You can live life on your terms and be your own master
  • Provide employment opportunities to many deserving job seekers 
  • You can contribute to the nation’s economy

4. Upskill through certifications

There are several job opportunities for freshers that are easier to grab with a few important certifications. If you have completed your formal education, a few coveted certifications can do wonders for your career and take you ahead in the race to success, especially as a fresher. Wondering how you can find out which course will add value to your professional journey? Well, one of the easiest ways to figure this out is to network with some genuine professional groups and gain more insight and knowledge about the latest courses and certifications, their pricing, where to do it from, duration, etc. 

A few solid advantages of additional certifications

  • Gain an edge over other freshers for job applicants
  • Be updated with the latest knowledge in your field of specialization
  • Give your resume valuable weightage with relevant certifications
  • Become more specialized in your field of expertise
  • Get an opportunity to apply for a higher position instead of an entry-level role

5. Gain experience with freelance work  

Freelancing is a great way to start utilizing your inherent skills and combine them with your formal education. For example, if you have completed your graduation in English and have a knack for creative writing, you can start off as a freelance content writer and write for websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. 

Freelancing is also an amazing opportunity to earn while pursuing a higher degree or a formal certification course. There are tons of options for freelance projects. Run a Google search to check for freelance work. Leverage your social and professional network to find quick projects as per your area of specialization.  

Freelancing is a fantastic way to gain professional experience, especially if you have been looking for part-time work to continue your higher studies.. 

A few cool advantages of starting as a freelancer 

  • Flexibility to pursue other engagements such as higher education
  • An excellent way to learn about your field of choice
  • Freedom to work and pause as per your schedule
  • Vast choice of projects
  • An easy source of income
  • Great way to gain first-hand experience without a strict and formal work schedule 

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