Find genuine work from home jobs and prepare yourself for it

'Work from home' was an option that companies gave out to employees only when they had to deal with medical issues or as a special favour. Generally, working from home was considered a luxury but all that changed overnight when the lockdown was announced! Every company shifted to working from home, and everything was done over online communication. Find out what work from home (WFH) jobs are, how to earn money from home, and tips for finding these jobs.

What are Work From Home (WFH) jobs and how the pandemic has made it so common these days?

What are Work From Home (WFH) jobs and how pandemic has made it prevalent ? - blog

Work from home jobs are jobs that can be done remotely without visiting an office. While many professionals work from their homes, a few also chose to work remotely from co-sharing workspaces, travel destinations and other spaces.

Work from home jobs are of three types –

  • Full-time jobs – Where employees are on the payroll of a company and are paid a monthly salary with all the perks. You will generally work for a full shift of around 8 hours per day.
  • Part-time jobs - These jobs give you the benefits of a guaranteed salary at the end of the month, but you can spend fewer hours per day like 4-5 hours etc.
  • Freelance jobs – These are online jobs where the professional can set his/her timings and workload and can work with multiple companies at the same time. One who does the freelancing is called a 'Freelancer'.

The pandemic has opened opportunities for more people. Now that there is no need to come to the office, several companies have opened up their new job profiles to candidates from any geographical region. So, you can easily sit in Hubli and work in an IT company in Bangalore!

Earning Potential of work from home jobs

Earning Potential of work from home jobs - blog

The ability to earn money from home is a lucrative option but the earning potential is based on these factors –

  • Skill level required – Skilled jobs like coding, graphic designing, content writing, etc. can be quantified and are popular jobs. The more skill you have, the higher your chances of earning more. It is the right time to upskill yourself and make more money.
  • Variety of jobs - If you are a beginner, you can start earning small around Rs.10,000 with easy work from home jobs like data entry, online sales, virtual assistant, BPO. Once you are more experienced you can gain more skills, and earn more.
  • Time spent – Work from home job does not mean you have to work lesser. You have to put in the same number of hours and quality of work to get the same amount of money as you do in a regular office job.
  • Companies vs Agents – You have to choose companies or organisations that have proper work processes. They pay more and in comparison with regular jobs even for work from home jobs. Agents, contractors and consultancies do not pay the same, so you should work directly with companies.

How to find genuine WFH jobs?

How to find genuine WFH jobs ? - blog

The attraction of work from home jobs has led to many people scamming job searchers. You will find advertisements on Facebook and other social media which promise 'Ghar baithein laakho kamaayen'. These could include scams where they ask you to pay money to get a job, or they are a pyramid marketing scheme. Here are some tips on finding trustworthy work from home jobs

  • Job search apps and websites – The best place to find online part-time jobs and work from home jobs are job apps like apna app. You can upload your resume, search for suitable jobs and apply. Only legitimate companies and employers like proprietors, businessmen or shop owners can list job openings on apps like apna app, and you can be assured it's not a scam as no one asks you money. If someone asks you to pay money, you can immediately report it to us.
  • Freelancing websites – There are many websites where you can find freelance work or gigs. Make sure you work with clients who are verified, and your payment is guaranteed.
  • Social Media – You can also find work from home opportunities from Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and even Twitter. However, you should verify them by checking their official websites. Communicate with them only through official emails and always ask for payment through a bank account.

Tips for effective & professional WFH

Tips for effective & professional WFH - blog

The option of work from home means that you are in the comfort of your home. However, if you want to earn money from home you need to be professional and here are tips that will help you do so –

  • Invest in internet and gadgets – Get a high-speed internet connection, so you don't have to complain about internet outages. You can invest in things like headphones, laptop/PC, work table and chair to make your life comfortable and efficient.
  • Create a space for working – Ideally, you should have room to use as a workroom where you can have peace while you work. You can set up the table in your bedroom if possible. Pick a place against a plain wall if you have to attend video calls.
  • Meeting and video call etiquette – If you work remotely, it doesn't mean you can sit on your bed in your blanket and take calls. You need to dress up neatly, groom yourself and appear presentable for your work calls. Ensure you don't have people disturbing you or noises from your environment.
  • Maintain a schedule and adhere to deadlines – The main challenge in work from home jobs is that you need to stick to your deadlines of work. Don't miss out on deadlines unless important, and always keep communicating with your boss. Create a schedule for yourself where you would work like in a regular office.

Post the COVID pandemic, the work culture and work opportunities have changed, and there was never a better time than this to earn money from home. Follow all these above tips and advice and find yourself online part-time jobs or full-time jobs where you can work remotely. The best way is to download apna app and start your job search, so that you can also get some work from home of your interest.

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