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Make your CV ‘Action’ packed with these super words

Imagine the frustration if you have to read through a hundred pages of boring, unimpressive, lazy and replicated content every day! You would want to tear the pages to bits and throw them into the waste bin right? That’s exactly how recruiters feel when going through resumes or Curriculum Vitaes (better known as CVs) day in day out.

So, if you have applied for a vacancy and have shared your resume, make sure it captures the recruiter’s attention and creates a positive first impression.

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What is the most common thing that builds this professional document called resume? Words. And wise men have said, “Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” So, it is how you use the words in your resume that will differentiate your document from the hundreds of boring ones.

Let us help you with some strong, impactful, and ‘action’ oriented words that will showcase your worth and potential to the person reading it.

1. Managed

If you are applying for a senior position, this word is very crucial. Add it to your projects, team handling, supervising tasks etc. Management skills become more important as you climb up the professional hierarchy.

The word also puts you in a leadership position and will immediately draw the attention of the reader towards you for such a role.

Eg. “Managed the team of 20 sales executives and achieved 40% growth.”

2. Improved

This word positions your credibility as a person who has contributed to the organization’s growth by making existing processes or targetted benchmarks better. To improve something means that you have not only achieved what was expected of you, but also gone beyond to make things better for the company. Do use this word, if you have significantly contributed to the improvement of your organization.

Eg. “Improved the customer satisfaction level from 85% to 96% with regular call monitoring, constructive feedback, and by conducting dedicated training programs for the team.”

3. Delivered


This word focuses on the results directly. It shows that you haven’t just aspired to do things well, but you have actually done it. Use the word to highlight your achievements at work.

Eg. “Delivered 50% increase in retention of employees in the year 2018”

4. Trained

Employers look for candidates who can share their knowledge and skills to improve the skillsets of the other team members in the company. Expertise in training takes you a few notches above your peers as you are then viewed as someone who is not only a master of his subject but is also a team player who supports the others in doing their best.

Eg. “Trained a group of 10 fresh hires in the product development domain.”

5. Resolved

This word is related to your problem-solving skills. If you have figured out a solution to a complex problem mention it on your CV. Problem-solving is a highly desirable skill and recruiters love to have such employees who can wrack their brains and come up with novel solutions to existing issues in their organizations.

Eg. “Resolved the highest number of client complaints in a quarter by devising an easy-to-execute troubleshooting flow.”

6. Increased

An increase in sales, numbers, growth, clients, and so on is what keeps businesses moving forward. In this growth mission if your work has led to an increase in any of the business metrics, then it is definitely something that needs a strong mention in your CV. Give the recruiter a sense of how you ‘maximised’ a growth number for the company.

Eg. “Increased the number of users by 40% between April and June 2020.”

7. Negotiated


American songwriter and singer Marvin Gaye once rightly said, “Negotiation means getting the best of your opponent.” Needless to say, this art is highly sought after, but good negotiators are rare these days.

An experienced and qualified employee who is also a good negotiator is a great asset to an employer. Business deals between multiple parties can lead to a win-win for an organization that has a good negotiator on its side. Such employees help to reduce costs and maximise the profits ultimately. So, if you have this skill and have applied it in your current role, mention it with prominence in your resume.

Eg.   “Negotiated with 3 of the major clients to settle the claims worth Rs. 45 Lakhs.”

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