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How to Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?” in Interview

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You’re in an interview, and everything is going as smoothly as you imagined. But then, the interviewer throws a curveball question at you: “Why should we hire you for this role?” This question may seem tricky and challenging to answer, but it’s your golden ticket to shine.

So, how you approach this interview question decides your fortune of landing this dream job or progressing to further rounds of the interview process.  To answer this, you should learn how to craft a response that not only impresses but also convinces the interviewer that you’re the perfect fit for this role.

In this blog, we will discover how to answer the “Why should we hire you” interview question, with tips and examples that will help you respond with confidence and clarity, turning your answer into your unique selling point.

Understanding The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You?”

Interviewers can ask this question in many different ways for example:

  • Why do you think you are suitable for this job?
  • Why should you be hired for this role?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What makes you the best fit for this role?

When interviewers ask this question during an interview, they are trying to understand your strengths and how they would help the role and company achieve its objectives through your performance.

Here are a few things they look for when asking you this question:

Fit for the job: The interviewer wants to know how well your skills and experiences match the job requirements and the company’s objectives.

Value addition: What unique qualities or ideas would you bring to the table?

Enthusiasm and motivation: To learn if you are genuinely interested in this role and the company.

Quick Tips on How to Answer Why Should I Hire You?

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Research the company and role

  • Understand the company’s mission, values, and culture.
  • Analyze the job description well, and identify the skills and experiences required.
  • Know if your background aligns with the company’s goals and needs.

Highlight your relevant skills and experience

  • While answering the question, remember to talk about your skills and experience that align with the role.
  • Use examples to show how your background makes you a strong fit for the role.
  • If you have any quantifiable achievements, then make sure to mention them.

Showcase your unique value proposition

  • Your pitch should highlight unique skills and achievements that set you apart from other candidates.
  • Explain how these unique qualities will benefit the company.

Express genuine interest

  • Show your interest in the role.
  • Most importantly, explain how passionate you are about this position and how it aligns with your career goals.

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Why Should We Hire You Answer Samples (Examples)

General sample answer

Given my experience in managing projects and a record of successfully delivering projects within the estimated time and budget, I personify a mixture of skills and expertise that makes me stand out as an individual who can add value to your team. My ability to lead cross-functional teams while at the same time remaining committed to continuous improvement is perfectly suited for this role. Therefore, I am excited about using my expert knowledge and skills to help push forward your company’s success.

Sample answer for fresher

As a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Science, I have developed a solid foundation in programming and software development. During my internships, I gained hands-on experience in developing and testing software applications. My strong analytical skills and eagerness to learn make me a quick learner and adaptable to new environments. I am excited about the opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and contribute to your innovative projects.

Sample answer for experienced professional

With over 10 years of experience in financial analysis, I have developed my skills in data analysis, financial forecasting, and strategic planning. In my previous role, I led a team that improved financial reporting accuracy by 30%. My deep understanding of financial markets and my ability to develop actionable insights make me a valuable asset to your team. I am eager to leverage my experience to help your company achieve its financial goals.

Sample answer for HR

Using my eight years of experience as a Human Resources professional, I have developed experiences in areas like talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management. I have a proven track record of achievements, such as implementing a new onboarding program in my previous role which reduced employee turnover by 20%. My skill set in interpersonal engagement combined with my strategic mindset allows me to build relationships and execute HR initiatives that support the business goals of an organization. I am excited about the opportunity to enhance your company’s HR practices.

Sample answer for sales

With over six years of sales experience, I have consistently met and exceeded sales targets and built lasting relationships with my clients. My key contribution to my success has been my strength in understanding client needs and delivering solutions that satisfy them. This approach resulted in increased sales revenue – by 25% during my last role – through strategic account management and innovative sales techniques. I am very keen to use my sales expertise and take on the challenge of driving sales growth for your company.

Sample answer for marketing

My background in digital marketing and knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and social media strategy have allowed me to run campaigns that have driven brand awareness and engagement. In my last role, I was able to develop a campaign that increased traffic to the website by 40% and increased lead generation by 30%. My ability to think creatively and make data-driven decisions will make me a great addition to your marketing team, and I look forward to contributing to the growth of your company.

Sample answer for business analyst

With over five years of experience as a Business Analyst, I have developed a strong skill set in data analysis, process improvement, and project management. My ability to identify business needs and develop strategic solutions has led to successful project outcomes and improved operational efficiency. I am eager to bring my analytical skills and business acumen to your team and help drive your company’s strategic initiatives.

Sample answer for healthcare

As a healthcare professional with a background in nursing, I have dedicated my career to providing high-quality patient care and improving healthcare outcomes. My experience in patient education, care coordination, and clinical research has equipped me with the skills to excel in this role. I am passionate about making a positive impact on patient’s lives and look forward to contributing to your healthcare team.

Sample answer for teacher

With eight years of experience as a teacher, I have developed a passion for fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. My ability to create interactive lesson plans and differentiate instruction to meet diverse student needs has resulted in improved student performance and engagement. I am dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential and am excited about the opportunity to bring my teaching skills to your school.


Answering the interview question “Why should we hire you for this role?” requires a lot of preparation, self-awareness, and understanding of the role and company needs and how they align with each other’s goals. Mentioning relevant skills, experiences, and achievements shows your unique value proposition. The way you answer this question can set you apart from other candidates and bring you one step closer to getting your dream job. Remember, to practice your pitch well and answer with confidence.

Good Luck!

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