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₹20,000 - ₹25,000 monthly


20000 - ₹25000

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Work from Office

Full Time

Min. 3 Years

Good (Intermediate / Advanced) English

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The role of an HR Manager is pivotal in ensuring that a company's human resources are managed effectively and in alignment with its goals and values.

job description for an HR Manager:

  1. Strategic Planning: Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy. This involves collaborating with senior management to understand organizational objectives and workforce needs.
  2. Recruitment and Selection: Oversee the recruitment process, including job postings, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions. Develop strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.
  3. Employee Relations: Serve as a point of contact for employee relations issues, including conflicts, grievances, and disciplinary actions. Ensure that employee concerns are addressed promptly and fairly while maintaining a positive work environment.
  4. Performance Management: Develop and implement performance management systems to effectively evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement. Coordinate the performance appraisal process and support managers in setting goals and conducting performance reviews.
  5. Training and Development: Identify training needs within the organization and develop training programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge. Provide guidance and support for employee development initiatives, including mentoring, coaching, and career planning.
  6. Compensation and Benefits: Manage compensation and benefits programs, including salary structures, bonuses, and employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and leave policies. Ensure that compensation and benefits are competitive and aligned with industry standards.
  7. HR Policies and Procedures: Develop and enforce HR policies and procedures in compliance with legal requirements and company policies. Ensure that HR practices promote fairness, equality, and diversity within the workplace.
  8. Compliance and Legal Matters: Stay informed about labor laws, regulations, and industry standards related to employment practices. Ensure compliance with legal requirements and proactively address any potential risks or issues.
  9. Employee Engagement and Retention: Implement strategies to enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Foster a positive work culture and promote employee morale through initiatives such as team-building activities, recognition programs, and employee feedback mechanisms.
  10. HR Administration: Oversee HR administrative tasks, including maintaining employee records, processing payroll, and managing HR software systems. Ensure accuracy and confidentiality in all HR-related documentation and processes.
  11. HR Metrics and Reporting: Monitor HR metrics such as turnover rates, employee engagement scores, and diversity metrics. Analyze data to identify trends and insights and provide reports to senior management for decision-making purposes.
  12. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with other departments and external stakeholders, such as legal advisors, recruitment agencies, and labor unions, to support HR initiatives and address organizational needs.

Overall, an HR Manager plays a critical role in managing the human capital of an organization and contributing to its success through effective HR strategies, programs, and practices. They must possess strong leadership, communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills to excel in this role.

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Raigad, Maharashtra, India


Human Resources

Role / Category

HR Operations

Employment type

Full Time


Day Shift

Job requirements


Min. 3 years



Past role/category experience

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, HR Operations


Background verification, HRMS, Recruitment advertising, Salary negotiations, Onboarding, Candidate Screening, Interviewing candidates, Quantitative HR Management, HR reporting, Talent recognition

English level

Good (Intermediate / Advanced) English

Degree/ Specialisation

B.Com (Hons.) in HR Management, BBM in Human Resource Management, BBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in HR and Marketing, B.A in Human Resources, B.Com in HR Management, BBM (Hons.) in Human Resource Management (Atleast one)

Age limit

30 - 50 years


Any gender

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About company




Raigad, Maharashtra, India

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