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Vasai East, Vasai

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25000 - ₹40000

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Full Time

Min. 5 Years

Good (Intermediate / Advanced) English

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- JOB Description

1.   Product Development:

* Collaborate with designers to understand product requirements and specifications.

* Source fabric and trims based on design specifications and cost considerations.

* Coordinate sample development with suppliers and internal teams.

* Ensure that samples meet quality and design standards.

* Communicate feedback and revisions to suppliers and designers.

2.   Order Management:

* Receive and review customer orders, including quantity, specifications, and delivery deadlines.

* Confirm order details with customers and internal teams.

* Create and maintain production schedules to meet delivery deadlines.

* Monitor production progress and address any delays or issues.

* Coordinate with logistics teams to arrange shipping and delivery of finished goods. 3. Supplier Management:

* Identify and qualify suppliers for fabric, trims, and other materials.

* Negotiate pricing, lead times, and terms with suppliers.

* Place purchase orders with suppliers and ensure timely delivery of materials.

* Resolve any quality issues or discrepancies with suppliers.

* Maintain relationships with suppliers and seek opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

3.   Costing and Pricing:

* Calculate production costs, including materials, labor, and overhead.

* Develop pricing strategies based on cost analysis, market trends, and customer expectations.

* Negotiate pricing with customers to maximize profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

4.   Quality Control:

* Establish quality standards and specifications for finished products.

* Conduct inspections of incoming materials and finished goods to ensure compliance with quality standards.

* Implement corrective actions and process improvements to address quality issues.

* Communicate quality requirements to suppliers and production teams. 6. Inventory Management:

* Monitor inventory levels of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods.

* Forecast demand and plan production schedules to optimize inventory levels.

* Implement inventory control measures to minimize excess inventory and stock outs.

* Coordinate with sales and marketing teams to manage seasonal fluctuations in demand.

    7. Documentation and Reporting:                                                                   

·    Maintain accurate records of orders, production schedules, and shipments.

       • Generate reports on production status, inventory levels, and sales performance.

* Analyze data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

* Communicate key metrics and performance indicators to management and stakeholders. 8. Compliance and Sustainability:

 • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards related to product safety, labeling, and labor practices.

* Implement sustainability initiatives such as eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

* Stay updated on emerging trends and best practices in sustainability and ethical sourcing. 9. Customer Service:

* Serve as the primary point of contact for customers regarding order status, product inquiries, and complaints.

* Address customer concerns promptly and effectively to maintain positive relationships.

* Collaborate with sales teams to meet customer needs and exceed expectations.

10.Continuous Improvement:

* Seek opportunities to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

* Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the merchandising team.

* Actively participate in training and development programs to enhance skills and knowledge. 11Start-up Team:

* Company position is in start up level so, expecting best co-operation with team without any hesitance

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Retail & eCommerce

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Category Management & Operations

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Full Time


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Min. 5 years



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Dispatch Management, Procurement & Purchase, Category Management & Operations, Import & Export

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Good (Intermediate / Advanced) English

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Any Bachelor

Age limit

25 - 40 years



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In person

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Crystal Clothing Co.



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