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Subject matter expert


Role Purpose


The purpose of this role to deliver great customer service/experience by effectively acknowledging, tracking, and prioritizing all client cases as per the regulatory guidelines, and ensuring resolution as per the defined SLAs, by allocating the same to the relevant support team.


  1. Ensure operational excellence through contract and regulatory compliance, effective case acknowledgment, tracking, prioritization, system updation, and reporting
    1. Acknowledge client cases as per the SLA’s defined in the contract
    2. Access client tool and log all incoming client cases accurately on the internal tool as per contract
    3. Accurately document all pertinent case information such as case number, case type, etc. of daily cases received
    4. Follow standard processes and procedures to track and prioritize all client cases
    5. Accurately update the internal tool with daily cases and forward the same to respective agents and QAs
    6. Access and maintain internal knowledge bases, resources and frequently asked questions to aid in effective case logging and prioritization
    7. Maintain and timely update internal tool for agents to speed up response time
    8. Identify red flags and escalate serious client issues to Team leader in cases of non-compliance and untimely resolution
    9. Ensure all client information, disclosures and regulatory changes are given to agents and QA’s on a regular basis
    10. Monitor compliance with service agreements to avoid legal challenges
    11. Share recorded case logs and status reports with clients and supervisors on a daily basis



  1. Deliver excellent customer service through effective understanding of client tool, accurate case logging and prioritization as per regulatory guidelines
    1. Serve as the primary point of contact for accessing cases pertaining to a specific client using designated client tool
    2. Develop deep understanding and use of client tool to effectively perform day today duties
    3. Access client tool and acknowledge to the client the receipt of the cases as per the SLA’s defined in the contract
    4. Accurately document all pertinent case information such as case number, case type, etc. on a daily basis for all cases received
    5. Prioritize cases on the levels of urgency and complexity as per the regulatory guidelines defines by the client
    6. Accurately extract case information and create an excel listing cases along with relevant information pertaining to the cases
    7. Maintain logs and records of all client cases as per the standard procedures and guidelines
    8. Collaborate with client and undergo trainings on any new regulatory guidelines for a particular client process and implement the same on all cases


  1. Ensure allocation and resolution of client cases as per the defined SLAs by accurately updating internal tools, training sessions on new regulations and regular reporting
    1. Ensure allocation of cases to agents and QAs by accurately recording all client cases on the designated internal tracking software
    2. Maintain tracker of all cases received along with the allocation information for reporting purposes
    3. Ensure all client cases are resolved as per the defined SLA’s and regulatory guidelines defined by the client
    4. Maintain and share the resolution status report with supervisor and client on a daily basis
    5. Share the hourly productivity update report with supervisors and clients on a daily basis
    6. Undertake client training on specific tool features and/or any other regulatory changes introduced by client/govt.
    7. Conduct training sessions for agents and QA ensuring the regulatory changes have been effectively communicated to all agents and QAs
    8. Ensure new regulatory guidelines are implemented all client processes to avoid penalties and non-compliance
    9. Liaise between the client and internal teams on escalations of serious issues and unique queries
    10. Follow up with agents and QAs to record feedback and ensure compliance to contract SLA’s and regulations
    11. Interact and engage with the client and internal stakeholders to communicate and update progress against a particular case
  2. Build capability to ensure operational excellence and maintain superior customer service levels for the existing client
    1. Undertake trainings to stay current with any new features, changes and updates on client tool
    2. Enroll in product specific and any other trainings per client requirements/recommendations
    3. Conduct training sessions for Agents and QAs on any new regulatory guideline that needs to be applied to any process urgently
    4. Identifying and document most common problems and recommend appropriate changes to the team leader
    5. Updates job knowledge by participating in self learning opportunities and maintaining personal networks


Stakeholder Interaction


Stakeholder Type

Stakeholder Identification

Purpose of Interaction


Team Leaders

Process Improvements, Reporting

Agents & QA’s

Case logging, forwarding, resolution

Training Team

Capability development


Case resolution & response time



Case tracking, reporting, acknowledgement, case prioritization as per regulatory guidelines, trainings & certifications




Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:

  • Functional Competencies/ Skill
    • Process/ technical Knowledge - Knowledge of process, process and tools - Expert


Competency Levels


Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (in parts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.


Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competency without guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknown situations as well.


Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guide to others as well.


Coaches others and builds organizational capability in the competency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and is recognized within the entire organization.



  • Behavioral Competencies
    • Collaborative working
    • Problem solving and decision making
    • Attention to Detail
    • Execution Excellence
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Client (Internal) Centricity
    • Effective Communication






Performance Parameter




Case prioritization as per client SLA and regulations, resolution time, penalties due to non-compliance



PCSAT and ACSAT score, Pulse score, Customer cases - received, time to forward, time-to-closure, customer references, positive customer feedback


Account Management

no. of cases forwarded to support staff, no. of cases resolved per day, accurate reporting, prioritizing cases as per regulations


Team Management

Training Hours, No of technical training completed, no. of trainings conducted




MDM - Airwatch

Job role

Work location



Customer Support

Role / Category

University Level Educator

Employment type

Full Time


Day Shift

Job requirements


Min. 1 year

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