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Jobs in Chennai : Explore & find the latest job vacancies in Chennai

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Jobs in Chennai: Search for the latest jobs available in Chennai

Chennai, originally called Madras, is the capital city of Tamilnadu. Chennai has evolved from a historic center of culture and tradition to one of the greatest industrial hubs on the Indian subcontinent.

While on the one hand, the city stands as a testimony to ancient South Indian architecture, Dravidian culture, and traditional art forms, on the other hand, Chennai is an advanced metropolis gaining prominence for job seekers across the country. It is also labeled as the second-largest exporter of IT & BPO services in India. With such remarkable progress in the industrial, healthcare, and service sectors, the city has witnessed a rising number of SEZs. Such factors have led to innumerable jobs available in Chennai in all work segments.

Here's a detailed insight that will guide you in your search to find jobs in Chennai. If you're looking for a job vacancy in Chennai, opportunities abound, especially in the IT sector, which offers numerous WFH jobs in Chennai. Additionally, the city boasts a variety of part-time job options, catering to diverse skill sets and preferences.

Popular Job Vacancies in Chennai

Buzzed with exciting opportunities, the city has become an attractive destination for smart workers. Chennai is an industrial base for computer, technology, automobile, hardware manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Chennai houses some of the most popular automobile companies such as BMW, Hyundai, Ford, Royal Enfield, and Ashok Motors to name a few. This avails a lot of jobs for freshers in Chennai to fresh graduates as well as experienced job seekers. Students and housewives can also find part-time jobs in Chennai.

Some of the most commonly available jobs available in Chennai are as follows:

  • Driver jobs: Job opportunities for drivers are available at transportation companies, schools, hospitality brands, e-commerce companies, and private businesses, among others.
  • Accountant jobs: Small and medium businesses have a continuous requirement and are constantly on the lookout for accounting professionals to join their firms.
  • Back office jobs: Typical employers include MNCs large and small businesses, law firms, hotels, etc.
  • Data entry jobs: Both private and public sectors offer data entry jobs.
  • Bank jobs: Job-ready candidates in the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) are under high requirements.
  • HR jobs: HR roles are available in a variety of industries, across different sizes of businesses.
  • Security jobs: Corporate offices, multistorey apartment complexes, government offices, hotels, business houses, etc., have a high requirement for security personnel.

Additionally, customer care jobs in Chennai are in demand, catering to various industries and sectors. Furthermore, with the increasing trend of remote work, WFH jobs in Chennai are also gaining popularity among professionals seeking flexible work arrangements.

Latest Chennai Jobs

Chennai offers a variety of new career opportunities each year as the city's job market expands. Depending on the candidate's interests, talents, education, experience, and availability, several industries offer a variety of job prospects. Even in the current scenario, there are various new jobs in Chennai.

Part-time jobs in Chennai are best available in categories like teaching, data entry, translation, content writing, graphic designing, insurance agent, helper, and more. Students and housewives can also find part-time jobs in Chennai. Women can find jobs as telecaller, office assistants, recruiters, counselors, computer operators, client service executives, etc.

There are also various 10th-pass jobs and 12th-pass jobs in Chennai. Drivers, culinary employees, delivery partners, security personnel, office help, household help, and hospital help are all needed. Many of these openings provide a stable source of income in the city. There is a multitude of jobs for freshers in Chennai that are available in different work sectors. Additionally, with the increasing trend of remote work, WFH jobs in Chennai are also gaining popularity among professionals seeking flexible work arrangements. In the ever-expanding job market, exploring customer care jobs in Chennai, IT jobs in Chennai, and company job vacancies in Chennai can unveil promising career opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the bustling city.

Work from Home Jobs in Chennai

With the exception of a few occupations, the Covid-19 epidemic has made working from home a pretty common occurrence. As a result, finding jobs available in Chennai, job vacancies in Chennai, and WFH jobs in Chennai has become progressively easier. BPO, HR, Customer Service, Telecaller, Online Sales, Content Writer, Tele-sales, Tech-support, Data Analyst, Data Entry Operator, Digital Marketing, Social Media Executive, Online Marketing, Sales are a few examples that have a work from home requirement.

The advent of such internet employment online jobs in Chennai has also provided new income options for a huge number of women, who can now balance work and home life without having to leave the house. This flexibility in job opportunities significantly expands the jobs available in Chennai and caters to individuals seeking job vacancies in Chennai while accommodating their WFH jobs in Chennai preferences too.

Top Recruiting Companies in Chennai

Chennai is a hub for various industries that include IT, BPO, automobile, manufacturing, hardware, electronics, medical, tourism, entertainment, and arts among others. This offers innumerable jobs for freshers in Chennai as well as for the skilled labor force. With more and more corporations establishing offices in Chennai, you may expect a significant increase in work opportunities soon!

Some of the big names include Wipro, TCS, Mahindra, IBM, HP, Cisco, McKinsey, etc. Several other fast-growing companies giving employment to job seekers in Chennai are Byju’s, Spark Manpower & Services, Teamlease Service Ltd, HGRS, Hansa Direct, LabourNet services, and many more. These companies frequently have company job vacancies in Chennai and offer various IT jobs in Chennai to cater to the diverse needs of job seekers in the region.

Popular Localities of Chennai with Job Openings

The city is vast, yet the local train network and a well-organized public road transit system connect all important locations. The maximum number of job opportunities in Chennai are concentrated in the corporate pockets of the city. The most popular job localities are Anna Nagar, Guindy, Ambattur & Nungambakkam.

How to Find and Apply to the Latest Chennai Job Openings

If you are looking for a source of income in Chennai, the Apna app is the easiest and fastest way to find and apply for the latest jobs available in Chennai. The app facilitates jobs in 70+ categories for 10th pass, 12th pass, work from home, freshers, and experienced people.

So, if you want to start your professional career in the city, the first thing you need to do is download the app to your smartphone. Then take two minutes to create your profile, which will serve as your professional card. It can also be thought of as a mini-resume.

Now all you need to do is select your preferred job location and begin applying to jobs in Chennai. The app's job feed is refreshed every 24 hours, ensuring that you have access to the most recent job vacancy in Chennai in your field of interest and skill.

Apply to as many jobs as you want and call the respective HRs directly to schedule your interviews.

Apna Careers is fast, easy, and effective - It’s your one-stop solution for jobs, skill development, professional networking, and all other aspects of career building. Find company job vacancies in Chennai on the apna app: Business Development Associate, Ward boy, Installation Engineer, IT recruiter, Telecaller, Picker/Packer, etc.

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